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Mr. Hideyuki Shimauchi, Representative Director, Entrepreneur Factory Co.

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“More than 2,000 contents,” “our own video studio,” and “planning, production, and management know-how”

Enterprenuer Factory Inc

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The Entrepreneur Factory Inc. creates entrepreneurial and intra-corporate education content, </strong
This is a company dedicated to the success of people and organizations using new learning technologies.
The company was founded in 2009 with the mission of “accumulating management knowledge and accelerating the success of people and organizations”. Using the know-how of more than 500 sessions of corporate training and the creation of more than 1,000 educational videos, the company uses videos and new technologies to provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need and the knowledge they need to improve corporate performance.


▼Representative Ms. Shimauchi (left in photo) and Sales Team Leader Ms. Murakami (right in photo)</span

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Enterprenuer Factory Inc</p



    In-house education and entrepreneurship content planning

  • 1. Planning and management of content for intra-company education and entrepreneurship education
  • 2. Planning, production, operation and introduction support for video learning
  • 3. Management of “Entrepreneurial TV,” a media outlet for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs

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In this issue, we asked Mr. Hideyuki Shimauchi, President and CEO, about the reasons for introducing learning boxes and the future prospects for the company as it moves forward with its business.

Please tell us how it was established and your company’s thoughts on educational video learning.

The company started out as a consulting and training company. At one point, I felt that I had reached the limit of what I could do on my own, and in the past, I had been learning with DVDs and the like, so I wondered if there would be an opportunity to develop video learning with content as the world’s web and terminals developed. We started the video learning business because we felt that we could provide opportunities to learn to many people who are unable to learn due to the number of locations in rural areas and across the country.

▼Homepage with various contents

Please tell us why you introduced learningBOX and how you are using it.

In the process of creating the content, we believe that LMS (Learning Management System) is just as important as the content, so for three years we participated in various exhibitions and used many other companies’ products in the form of delivery to our clients. One of our business partners introduced us to a product that was close to the concept I was thinking of, learningBOX. Of course, I liked the ease of use and functionality of the product, but the knowledge of Mr. Nishimura and Mr. Mori about the LMS field and the development process of the product were particularly significant. The development part and the marketing part are clear, and it is consistent with our desire for more people to use it. Also… well, it’s the cost. (laughs) This is very important.

Our customers appreciate how intuitive it is to use, and how easy it is to use without the need for manuals.

You can use the customization plan for ▼learningBOX.

Would you tell us how to use e-learning for video editors who are considering implementing learningBOX?

The big trend right now is to have what you need when you want to learn, and that’s important. However, it is very important to provide an environment where people can learn quickly when they want and in a short time. It’s important to create an environment in which you can feel that the learning is useful when it’s necessary, and if you feel that it’s useful, things will move on of their own accord.

Please tell us about the effectiveness of video learning.

There are, of course, possibilities and limitations to video learning.
The good thing is that it’s easier to stick by repeating it, and it’s also easier to stick and reproduce it because you can go over the important stuff three or four times. So it’s easier to get into the unconscious rather than the conscious. For example, when we make a video, we check it over and over again, and when we listen to it four or five times, it’s easier to reproduce it than a book, because the way the person speaks and the content gets into your head. I can check the parts I think are important over and over again, and I can look at what I like and what I agree with over and over again, and that’s how I can build a base within myself. That’s the merit of it.

When you want to create video learning in-house, it’s hard to make a video. Please advise me on this point.

I think it would be difficult to make it in-house from the beginning. First of all, we try to use an existing package, and after a while, people want to make it in-house. As soon as a request is made, we think it would be better to make it with the people who made the request as the main focus. There are internal and external ways to make it. The good thing about being in-house is that it doesn’t cost anything, and the hard thing is that it takes a little bit of time. I think the smoothest way to do this is to first ask someone outside of the company, and then to make it in-house based on what we’ve made outside of the company. The good thing about being outside the company is that it’s easy to criticize. If you are working in a company, it is difficult to refine the content of your work because there is a possibility that you may be refrained from doing so due to the balance with other duties. If you have the time and passion to do something, please give it a try within the company. I think it’s a good idea to choose external or internal depending on the situation.

▼Our own full-fledged shooting studio

What is your outlook for the future?

Our experience in providing content to a variety of customers has led us to believe that customers are looking for