Empowering you to learn anytime and anywhere

learningBOX is an award-winning SaaS LMS
platform with cutting-edge authoring tools and
assessment functions.

Create and deliver personalised training at your
learners’ pace and elevate you and your
organisations to a better future.

1,000+ organisations chose learningBOX to deliver their training to succeed their goals.
Trainers and educators have instant visibility over the engagement their learners make.

  • Intelligent
    Course Builder

    Design a course with learning content by title bars, prerequisites, follow-up content and more.

  • Gamification Boosts Retention

    Make learning experiences exciting and engaging with rewards including confetti, badges, rankingboards and certificates.

  • Time Saving Management

    With batch operating and auto-scoring, it makes easier and quicker from registration to assessment.

  • User Friendly Experience

    No coding skills nor advanced IT skills are required to use learningBOX. It’s accessible with a smartphone. Single sign-on is available.

  • Embed
    Presentations from Drive

    Organise your course instantly with embedding your presentations from Google Drive, OneDrive or YouTube.

  • Comply with APIs and ISO/IEC 27001

    LTI 1.3, OneRoster, SAML 2.0 and more APIs are available. Furthermore, we comply with ISO/IEC 27001 for your security.

Develop unique training programs to fulfil your learners’ personal needs to achieve their goals.

  • Onboarding training

  • Technical/Soft skills development

  • Services training

  • Compliance/Safety training


We are proud to have more qualified employees. They learn and prepare more effectively for their exams by using their smartphone at their convenienience.

Panasonic Consumer Marketing Co., Ltd.
Industry: Manufacturer

Educating and managing BPO staff (outsourced solutions) became easier and quicker with learningBOX to meet our clients demands.

NTT Marketing ACT ProCX
Industry: BPO management

Our clients

more than 20000. Registered Owner Account Users As of February 2023. more than 1000. Companies Registered Paid Plans As of February 2023.

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