Change the world
 with the power of EdTech

The world is full of educational content.
We want to create a society where anyone can learn as much as they want, whenever and wherever they want.

We at Tatsuno Joho System started with QuizGenerator, which allows users to create quizzes for free.
The number of users has steadily increased while making various improvements.
The e-learning system learningBOX was born out of our customers' desire to save their scores and records.

With the help of all of you who continue to use and support our services
We have been able to stand and challenge ourselves over the past decade.
And now, as we enter our 10-year milestone, we continue to pursue our mission of "changing the world through the power of EdTech.
Our desire to create more educational opportunities for people around the world remains unchanged.
We will continue to challenge ourselves.

Now, on to the next stage!


The 10 years of Tatsuno Joho System's history has been a history of realizing the valuable feedback we receive from our users in the form of product features.
Therefore, for our 10th anniversary project, we have prepared fun contents under the theme of "communication with users.
We hope you enjoy it all the way to the end!

Tatsuno Joho System
10 Years of History


July 23, 2011
Tatsuno Joho System
was born

Founded in Tatsuno City in southwestern Hyogo Prefecture, the birthplace of our CEO. Developed the initial QuizGenerator within about a week of its founding.


January 10, 2012
QuizGenerator 2.0.0

Released QuizGenerator 2.0.0, a web service that allows anyone to create quizzes for free. It later became the basis of learningBOX.


July 23, 2012
Tatsuno Joho System
Establishment of a company

Incorporated as Tatsuno Joho System K.K. Initially, the company focused on contracted development.


July 1, 2015
Expanded office
1st expansion stage

The company, which started out with a single representative, now has more than 10 employees, and the office space has been expanded and remodeled to create a more company-like atmosphere.


April 13, 2016
learningBOX 0.7.0

Released learningBOX 0.7.0, which is now the main service. (*Released as QuizGenerator (beta) at that time)


September 3, 2019
Expanded office
2nd expansion state

With the increase in staff, the company moved to a larger office, its current location. It is marked by a large learningBOX logo.


July 23, 2022
Tatsuno Joho System
10th anniversary of the company's establishment

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, all employees are working daily to develop and improve the system with a view to acquiring the No. 1 market share in Japan and expanding globally.


By the Numbers

The learningBOX is used at universities, for in-house training at companies, and for
Our products are used in a variety of industries, such as for online testing and certification exams.
Here is a numerical look at the growth trajectory.

*The figures are as of the end of January 2022.

Number of registered owners

*Number of people who have created a learning environment with learningBOX


learningBOX has been in the works for almost six years, since its release in 2016.
We have been striving to improve our services on a daily basis.
As of May 2022, thanks to the support of over 16,000 owners.
We will continue to provide new services, functions and
We will continue to develop content.

Number of companies using fee-based services

*Number of companies subscribing to paid plans on learningBOX


Number of functions


Quiz Type


Number of Employees

*As of April 30, 2022


Tatsuno Joho System currently has 68 employees.
Our company, which was founded by a single representative, has become quite lively.
Our corporate culture, in which there is a lively exchange of opinions regardless of age or departmental boundaries, is part of our company's DNA, and we intend to protect and pass it on in the future.


A new project, the
in progress

As learningBOX celebrates its 10th anniversary, new projects are underway to take it to the next level.
Please stay tuned!

learningBOX ON

learningBOX ON is a service that allows companies to easily add essential training content to their learningBOX.

Partner System

We are preparing two partner programs.


Started official Twitter

This is the official account of learningBOX. We post the latest information about our services, our blog, and what's going on in our company!

Coming soon

Scheduled to open to the public in early June.