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learningBOX ON is a service that makes it easy to add company-required training content to learningBOX, an e-learning creation and management system.
You can easily design your own original learning courses in combination with face-to-face classroom learning.

All registered users of learningBOX ON training content as well as a wealth of other features such as quizzes, memorization cards, PDFs, and bug-out notes.

We hope you will take advantage of "learningBOX ON" as an environment where employees can continuously learn without being restricted by training schedules or locations.

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Collaboration Contents


This training content is a short drama-style training course on compliance that can be taken case by case.

KaWaL x learningBOX

Training content is designed to help participants learn and acquire business skills in a fun and educational environment.

learningBOX Original Contents

Gain basic knowledge of harassment in the respective positions of managers and new employees.

Business manner training

Learn the knowledge and attitude of business manners that are essential for smooth work.

Students will learn about the "importance" of compliance, laws and rules through explanatory videos and confirmation tests.

The purpose of this training is to enable each individual in the company to handle information correctly.

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