Use learningBOX for Free Up to 10 User Accounts!

You can use learningBOX for free up to 10 user accounts. Even with 100 user accounts, learningBOX only costs 30,000 yen (Excl. Sales Tax) for 1 year. You can access online learning with no complicated processes or documents. learinigBOX is one of the most affordable as well as the accessible learning management system (LMS) which allow users to manage contents, grades, and members online

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Create Corporate Training, Distance Education, and Certificate Exams with learningBOX.

learningBOX has all features as LMS such as content creation, quiz/test, scoring, and grade management. learningBOX only costs from 30,000 yen (Excl. Sales Tax) for 1 year with 100 user accounts. You can use learningBOX for free up to 10 user accounts for an unlimited amount of time. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the installation of learningBOX.

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Change the World with the Power of IT Education.

Our goal is to provide a \"System that Allows Anyone to Create Their e-learning Environment without Any Difficulty\".
learningBOX is an e-learning system that you can use instantly and comfortably in terms of both cost and operation.
Looking ahead to the world, we are going to play a role in creating more educational opportunities.

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Create corporate training, certificate exam, and distance education course with learningBOX.
We will provide our support for the installation.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions in regards to the learningBOX installation.

You can use learningBOX intuitively.
No programming or computer knowledge is required!

Simple web UI for learners.
Compatible with smartphones and tablets.

Even you use learningBOX with 100 accounts, learningBOX only costs 30,000 yen for 1 year (Excl. Sales Tax).
You can use it for Free up to 10 accounts for an indefinite amount of time.

Our Customers

As of May 2019, more than 2,300 companies have created learning environments on learningBOX.

learningBOX can be used for corporate training, certificate exams, and distance learning courses.

Recently, e-learning has been used in various ways.
The main reasons for the use are the development of IT technology, the spread of smartphones, and broadband Internet.
Providing an environment in which students can access video learning content has become easy now.
Learning itself has become more digitized and e-learning has been used for various teaching methods.

Our Testimonials

learningBOX Testimonials

We can Operate learningBOX Easily with Its Simple UI


Learning Contents Retail & Computer Classes


We can Create Tests on Point

Monogatari Corporation

In-house Training / Trainee Training


We can Provide a Better Training with learningBOX

Yaruki Switch Group

In-house Training / Trainee training


We are Glad learningBOX Enable Us to Learn Contetns Repeatedly

Nihon Kotsu

In-house Training / Trainee training


We can use learningBOX Intuitevely withou Any Manual


Video Based Learning


learningBOX can Supplment Complicated Topics to Learn


In-house Training / Trainee Training


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Features of learningBOX

Various Types of Contents

You can easily create study contents by clicking buttons on the web UI without any coding.

Various Types of Quizzes

There are more than 10 types of quizzes you can create by learningBOX. You can use those contents for the mini-test or examination.

User-friendly UI for Both Admin and Learners

Simple and intuitive design to be operated by both admin and learners.

Restriction Functions to Help Designing the Course Architect

You can enhance your learning outcome by adding the restriction functions to the course.

Compatible with Smartphones and Tablets

You can access learningBOX with any device, anywhere, and anytime.

Various Options and Mobile Apps

Customize your plan to tailor to your needs such as original designs on your original domains.

E-Commerce Functions (Content Retail on learningBOX)

EC function allows you to sell content or courses online.

Use learningBOX for Free Up to 10 accounts.

You can use learningBOX for free up to 10 accounts for an unlimited period of time. Please try its usability and check what you can do with learningBOX.

Our Pricing

You can start learnigBOX for Free.

There are also various optional plans such as the design customization, dedicated server plan for your original domain, and app plan. For more details, please see the Pricing.

Design Customization

With the design customization, you can change the page to your own design.
The logo, sidebar menu, top page content, and color scheme can be modified with your own design.

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