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Feature 01

User friendly platform.
Without IT knowledge,
You can create instinctively!


Creating and distributing contents, managing members and monitoring progress.
You don't need to have any IT knowledge.
There are plenty of functions to support implementing learningBOX.

Feature 02

Only USD300 for a year for 100 user accounts*.
Free for up to 10 user accounts*.

Cloud-based LMS and optimization algorithms make it possible for us to offer our service at one tenth of that of ordinary LMS services of the same type.
Sign up Free Plan now and experience the innovative platform.
*... All prices are subject to plans.


Feature 03

13 web quiz formats are available.
Computer-Based Testing and repetitive learning, you can design as you like!


Contents distribution
You can distribute contents to members.

Course restrictions
You can create e-learning courses with prerequisites.

Feature 03

13 web quiz formats are available.
Computer-Based Testing and repetitive learning, you can design as you like!

Cloud-based learningBOX allows you to create and distribute contents easily.
You can monitor and manage learners' progress and assessment by useful functions.

Staff Blog

Our staff talks about e-learning, education and how to use the learningBOX!

Ver2.13 New Features

Renewal of the order screen, functional expansion of the email template function, notification function for notification management, overseas support, etc.

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What is e-learning?

E-learning refers to learning and training through the Internet using digital terminals such as computers and smartphones. Learning materials are distributed to learners in a variety of formats, including websites, e-mails, CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, and applications. Compared to conventional group training and learning, the cost can be reduced and learners can learn at their own pace using smartphones and other devices.

Advantages and disadvantages of e-learning


periodImproving learning efficiency
Learning can be done at any time and place, according to the learner's level of understanding and convenience.
periodYou can monitor learners' progress.
Administrators can closely manage learners' scores and progress.


×impossibilityYou need to set up the environment.
Cannot be done without a network environment and office equipment
×impossibilityNot suitable for education involving practical training
Since the communication is done via video and other media, it is not suitable for practical training that requires correction by each individual.

What you need for e-learning

LMS (Learning Management System)
Platform for distribution of educational materials, learning, and performance management through the Internet
learning material
Teaching materials that are created on the LMS or registered and provided to learners

Use cases

In-house training

correspondence education

school education

Certification and Examination

With learningBOX, you can easily implement a multi-functional and low-cost e-learning system!

Kaonavi×learningBOX collaboration memorial campaign is underway!
Kaonavi×learningBOX collaboration memorial campaign is underway!

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