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Fun to learn and use on the job
KaWaL eLearning" has been
Essential training content for companies is now available on learningBOX ON.
Based on our experience in training more than 1 million young people
We invite you to try our curriculum, which focuses on business skills.


Concerns about in-house training such as
Do you have any?

Do you have any of these problems? Do you have any of these problems?

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 on learningBOX?

Employee training that is "fun to learn and use at work
Learn anytime, anywhere with e-learning!

A wealth of training content from KaWaL eLearning, which specializes in business skills, is now also available on learningBOX.
The company responsible for producing the teaching materials is Change Corporation, which is in charge of training new recruits for major companies and boasts a track record of teaching more than 1 million people.
Please try our training programs, created by professionals in the field of human resource development, which have a reputation for being "fun and educational.

KaWaL× learningBOX Free Trial
Three features of the


Specializing in business skills
Training Content


Unlimited access to KaWaL eLearning's extensive training content! We also provide a fun way to watch while working on "assignments".

By focusing the curriculum on business needs, students can efficiently learn the skills they need to do their jobs.


E-learning materials can be created.


In addition to KaWaL training content, you can also create original e-learning materials by combining content created with learningBOX.

Easy to operate and easy to use, you don't need any specialized knowledge to create e-learning materials. It can be used for in-house training and promotional exams.


learner's grades and progress.
We can check.


With learningBOX, you can check the learner's grades, daily study volume, progress and understanding of the content.

Since each employee's strengths and weaknesses can be identified at a glance, appropriate feedback can be given, which is expected to increase the effectiveness of learning.


Fee Plans for Paid Content

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For consultation on plans, quotes, etc., please contact us.
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STEP4 Payment

Our staff will send you a special application form. After filling out the form, please make your payment.

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STEP5 Start using paid content

After payment is confirmed, we will set up the paid content in your environment.

Depending on the date of application, it may take several days to set up the content.

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