E-learning is now
for everyone.

Our e-learning system, learningBOX, is designed as "easy to use x low cost"
Even if you use 100 accounts, the annual fee starts at USD300.

Since the launch of our quiz creation tool, QuizGenerator, in 2011, we have responded to the needs of people from various industries who want to create quizzes. By making the service free for commercial use, it has been used by a variety of industries with more than 20,000 registered owners as of 2023, from small and medium-sized businesses such as private cram schools and private restaurants, to universities, in-house corporate training, and online testing and certification exams.
In 2016, we started our e-learning system, “learningBOX,” in response to requests from our customers by adding the essential part of our system; score and user management functions. We have focused on providing exceptional results in usability and low cost. This is because we believe that these two factors can lower the hurdle of introduction of e-learning which has been regarded as out-of-reach service, and can accelerate learning with our service throughout the world.


One of the features of our system is "easy-to-use." Users can start learning with a highly intuitive interface, and the Quiz/exam creation form helps you create stunning quizzes in seconds without in-depth programming skills. You will find how much our feature-rich functions meet your needs.

Low cost

Another feature of our system is "low cost".
In general, e-learning systems are often used in large companies due to their high cost, with a monthly fee of approximately USD3 to USD5 per account. However, we have focused on "low cost" so that anyone can easily start using e-learning regardless of the size of their business.
With learningBOX, it costs you only USD0.25 per account per month for our Starter Plan.
If you have 100 accounts, it costs only USD25 per month. 
We hope that learningBOX will become a long loved service for anyone including those who couldn't afford introducing e-learning systems before.

Strong Point

Why can we offer our e-learning system at a low price?

0 yen for unlimited period with Free Plan Commercial use 0 yen
System usage fee from 27.5 yen per account Annual fee of 33,000 yen or more for 100 users

There are two main reasons why we are able to offer the system at this price.
That is, our "solid SEO strategy" and "user-friendly system."
If you search Google for "question creator" or "quiz creator," our website appears in first place (*as of 2023). This is not because we hired an SEO company, but because we have the best-performing tool by far for quiz creation. for free commercial use.
As a result, we succeeded in reducing our advertising costs for selling our systems, which resulted in offering low pricing.
In addition, the following are other reasons: there is no need to require technical knowledge or in-depth guidance to use, and the quiz demo screen is available at any time. Our continuing efforts for higher quality of our system led to a reduction in operating expenses.

Philosophy and Vision

Change the world
 with the power of EdTech

We have our eyes on the world
to create learning opportunities for all.

learningBOX was originated in Japan.
In spite of the number of companies, nothing has an overwhelming global market share in the e-learning system so far. Sad to say, some open source systems are very complex and cumbersome and have high post-implementation management costs. In addition, operating cost is a major hurdle to overcome in terms of introducing an e-learning system.

Our mission is to spread our learningBOX in the world known as a user-friendly e-learning platform.
That means we testify that everyone can start an e-learning system regardless of the social gaps.

We take actions for your present and future needs.
If you have something to learn, we are always with you. We believe learningBOX will offer learning opportunities for anyone in the world.