E-learning is now a
To a low cost that exceeds common sense.

Our e-learning system, learningBOX, is designed as "easy to use x low cost"
Even if you use 100 accounts, the annual fee starts at USD300.

Since the launch of QuizGenerator, a quiz creation tool, in 2011, we have responded to the needs of people from various industries who want to create quizzes. Since making the service free for commercial use, it has been used by a wide range of industries, from small and medium-sized businesses such as private cram schools and private restaurants, to universities, in-house corporate training, and online tests and certification exams, with more than 16,000 registered owners as of 2022.
In 2016, in response to requests from QuizGenerator customers who wanted to save grades and manage students, we launched the e-learning system "learningBOX" with "member management function" and "grade saving function". learningBOX is an e-learning system that focuses on "ease of use" and "low cost". We believe that if we can lower these two hurdles, the e-learning system will spread throughout the world.

Continue to pursue ease of use.

First, one of the features of our e-learning system is "Easy to use."The learningBOX is available to everyone. You can start using it right away intuitively and sensually. You can easily create e-learning materials from the quiz creation form. You don't need to have programming or other expertise. We have a wide variety of quizzes and teaching materials to support the introduction of the system. We also offer a wide variety of educational materials to support system implementation, and we can create a wide variety of quizzes and educational materials to suit the situations in which you want to use e-learning.

Low cost

And another feature is "Low cost".
Normal e-learning systems are often used in large companies due to their high implementation costs, with a standard monthly fee is approximately USD3 to USD5 per account. However, we have focused on "low cost" and "easy interface" so that anyone can easily start using e-learning, regardless of the size of their business.
Therefore, USD0.25 per account per month is our price for the cheapest plan after Free plan (Forever free up to 10 accounts).
If you have 100 people, USD0.25 per account per month should be the cost. We hope that learningBOX will become a long loved service for anyone, especially for SMEs and educational institutes who couldn't afford those e-learning system before.

Strong Point

Why can we offer our e-learning system at a low price?

0 yen for unlimited period with Free Plan Commercial use 0 yen
System usage fee from 27.5 yen per account Annual fee of 33,000 yen or more for 100 users

There are two main reasons why we are able to offer the system at such a low price.
That is, "the SEO of our website is strong" and "the system is easy to use and users can solve problems by themselves".
If you do a Google search for "question creation" or "quiz creation", our website appears in first place (*as of 2021). This is not because we hired an SEO company, but because we are using a tool with overwhelmingly good performance in quiz creation for free for commercial use.
In this way, we are able to meet our customers at the top of the Google search results. As a result, we are able to reduce our advertising costs for selling our systems and services, which is one of the reasons why we are able to offer low prices.
In addition, the system does not require technical knowledge or instructions to use, users can check the quiz demo screen by themselves, and the question creation form makes it easy to create e-learning, etc. We continue to improve the system day by day to create a high-quality e-learning system that is easy to use, which leads to a reduction in operating expenses.
These are the reasons why we are able to offer our e-learning system at a low price, creating a significant reduction in costs.

Philosophy and Vision

Change the world
 with the power of EdTech

Education×Quiz=Enjoy We have our eyes on the world.
To create educational opportunities that are open to all.

learningBOX is an e-learning system that originated in Japan.
Currently, no other company in the world has a global market share in e-learning. moodle, the open source e-learning system, is a very complex and cumbersome system with high performance and high management costs. In addition, many of the e-learning systems developed by private companies are very expensive in terms of operating costs, making them a hurdle to overcome.

Our goal is to make learningBOX globally accepted as an e-learning system that allows anyone to easily build a web-based learning environment.
It means an e-learning system that is easy to start using, both in terms of cost and operation.

We are looking not only at Japan, but at the world.
We are always looking for ways to make learningBOX an open learning environment for everyone and to create educational opportunities for as many people as possible.