Product Vision


High-quality, high-performance
, low-cost

learningBOX is an award-winning SaaS LMS, and since its release in 2016, it has been chosen in many industries regardless of the business size. This proves that our system significantly contributes to a variety of their objectives including onboarding, online examinations, eCommerce, knowledge sharing and more.
Not only the high performance features but cost-effective solutions accelerate learning. We believe that our pocket-friendly platform empowers people to learn anytime and anywhere, and to succeed in their future.

Product Goal


Empower to learn with the power of AI

Along with the development of AI, we are facing a revolution in many sectors, and education is not an exception.
We believe AI creates a new normal in education, and supports learning in innovative ways.
As the learningBOX provider, we will step forward to develop a high performance AI-friendly platform, enhancing learning opportunities.

Product Policy

Improve product with customer voice

  1. For anyone

    learningBOX is standardized for many industries, not specialized for specific organizations. This is because we are opening the door to foster loyalty of user experience in any industry. Because of our customer-centric culture, we have succeeded in low cost management for development, leading to the low pricing for the paid plans.

  2. High quality

    learningBOX major upgrades are scheduled four times a year, adding new features and improvement of existing functionalities. In addition, bugs and vulnerabilities are fixed every Wednesday so that we can keep providing high-quality learning environments. We believe our product growth including these frequent upgrades will lead to further customer satisfaction (product-led growth), and we will never stop for more innovative development.

  3. High customer satisfaction

    Let us hear your voice. We have developed the existing functions through customer voice, and will keep reflecting it on our product based on the priority. If you have any requests, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to bring forward with you.

Design Policy

For learners, for educators

  1. Beyond satisfaction

    To offer effective solutions for a wide variety of challenges, we create a meaningful user experience with intuitive and aesthetically-pleasing interfaces, aiming for higher efficiency and performance beyond satisfaction.

  2. Dedication

    We will pursue integrity and flexibility. Our simple and customer-centric design will cater to the change of time rather than a novel and unique one for an ever-loved product.

  3. Enjoyment

    Create autonomy, motivate learners. As a learning experience platform provider, we have created fun features so that learners can stay positive to achieve their goals. In addition to usability, we will focus on fundamental factors for education.

Product Owner Voice

When I joined learningBOX, Inc. (formerly Tatsuno Joho System K.K.) in 2015, the company's main focus was product development from clients. However, our free service named “QuizGenerator” was already open for free, even for commercial use. The service has been popular among many users since its release, and we received inquiries about how to use it on a daily basis. The more I talked to customers including many educators, the more I came to feel something warm in my heart. This was the start of our journey. Since then, we have worked on developing an easy-to-use and low-cost e-learning system especially for those who were not familiar with computers.
In 2016, our LMS, “learningBOX,” was finally released, adding features to deliver quizzes and exams to users, and save their scores in the system. At first, the functions were very limited, but we are proud of our product growth for years, sharing our passion with stakeholders. For educators, for learners, we will never stop creating a higher quality LMS.
Let us hear your voice with a sincere passion for education. We will support you no matter what industry you are in.

Director/Product Owner
Kazuhiro Mori

From left, Yoichiro Nishimura, President Director / Kazuhiro Mori, Product Owner