• Simultaneous Accesses

Simultaneous Accesses

learningBOX is a service in which one server is shared by multiple customers.
If the number of simultaneous accesses increases, there is a possibility that the speed will decrease due to insufficient memory.
Here is the information on how to handle the number of simultaneous accesses.

Simultaneous access in multiple environments

LearningBOX has no limit on the number of simultaneous accesses.
It is also available for thousands to tens of thousands of people.

Simultaneous access in one environment

In learningBOX,We do not provide complete guarantees regarding simultaneous access in a single environment.
learningBOX offers aQuality of Service GuaranteeWe provide our services in accordance with the following

Approximate number of users

In order to ensure that all of our customers can use our services comfortably, we have set the following guidelines for the number of users of learningBOX.

Less than 500 accounts No problem.
500 to 2000 accounts Please contact us in advance. We will check to see if there are any other customers using the room on a large scale during the same time period.
Over 2000 accounts Please contact us separately.


When using a wireless LAN, communication may not be stable if 100 people access the system at the same time.
Please confirm your company's network environment prior to conducting group tests, etc.

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