New Function

Content management
1. “Course Title” can be set for learning courses. It can be used alone or in combination with constraints.
2. In the “Memorization Card Creation Form”, the creation screen and the preview screen are displayed at the same time.
3. In the “Typing Material Creation Form”, you can now set the score magnification and the character size of the Roman alphabet guide.
4. In the “Questionnaire Creation Form”, you can now set “Return to blank after submit” or “Keep values ​​after submit”.
5. Added a function to display the content information. The converted version, registered/edited/converted members, and the date and time are displayed.
6. “Test Mode” setting has been added. You can change “Pass”/”Fail”/”Under Grading”, and hide the score/details on the grade confirmation screen.
1. Even if you do not close the learning content with the X button, you can move to learn the next content.
2. The “learn” button has been installed at the top of the screen while logged in in an environment that uses the EC function.
1. Simultaneous login to the same account can now be controlled. Simultaneous login has two modes: a mode that prioritizes the previous login (cannot log in later) and another mode that prioritizes the later login (pushes out the previous login). You can log in at the same time when you set the mode.
New Manager Registration
1. After the manager registration is completed, a modal with a brief explanation of the entire site is installed.
External Linkage Function
1. The SAML linkage function has been added. Available with a dedicated server contract. Development is required according to the API of the organization you use, please contact us for its use.
Registration Field Setting
1. You can set to show/hide the member’s profile change screen “Click here to unsubscribe”.

Modified Functions

Input Fields Settings
1. Members with the “Member Management Privilege” and “Access to Setting Page” can now set “Input Fields”.
Content Management
1. In the “Typing Material Creation Form”, the upper limit of the time limit has been changed from 300 seconds to 600 seconds.
2. The screen collapsed on IE11 and firefox depending on the enlargement/reduction ratio and screen size.
3. “Other” at the right end of the list of teaching materials has been changed to “Edit”.
4. In the “Questionnaire Learning Content”, We restricted to the same question that could not be entered more than once because if the question was the same, there was a problem that the input restriction was effective only for the top question in the same question.
5. Modified to redirect to “My Page” if the user does not meet the privilege when reaching the “Edit” screen.
6. Fixed the layout collapse in Windows10-Firefox / Edge / IE, when deleting folders, there was a display collapse in the modal.
7. The icons on the “Certificate Creation Form” have been unified with the certificate icon on the “Learn” screen.
8. When downloading quiz/test materials, you can now select text/Excel/TSV to download.
9. When uploading quiz/test materials, CSV format upload has been abolished.
10. When a timeout occurs while deleting content, a database error message is displayed.
11. The display of “iframe Contents” has been changed to “iframe Content”.
Member Management
1. A search function has been added to the pull-down menu of the Member Management Privilege, Content Management Privilege, Content Assignment Privilege, and Grade Management Privilege dialog. You can search by entering characters with the focus on the pull-down.
2. Modified to insert whitespaces. Random values were automatically registered when nothing was registered in the e-mail address and display name.
3. When the screen size was reduced, there was a problem that the authority type part of the administrator authority modal protruded, so it was modified to be displayed according to the screen width.
4. When registering a group by CSV upload, an empty group name was allowed. However, it caused the malfunction, we modified to prohibit and to show an error message.
5. When registering members with CSV, the screen after registration is similar to the screen before registration, it is difficult to understand whether it was completed, so we returned to the “List Page” when completed and modified to display a message.
6. “Member operation log” was added to the + button menu. You can check the registrant of the editor, the deleter, the deleted date and etc.
1. When you open and download the PDF content, the file name becomes pdf.pdf, and it is difficult to know which material, so we modified the material name to become the file name.
2.If the creator added a new show/hide part between the show/hide parts to the show/hide workbook during learning, the color of the words would shift. We modified to prevent the event.
3. If the grade transmission failed, it will be automatically transmitted the next time online.
Karte Function
1. The screen has been renewed. The icons, color changes, and progress columns are now displayed in line with the grade list and content list screen, and karte is no longer displayed to invalid users.
1. The number of pages and the search string when closing the access log were retained after logout. However, it was easily misunderstood, so it was modified so that it was not retained.
Grade management
1. In the e-mail notification function> e-mail notification list> e-mail transmission history, the display did not wrap when the name was long, so when the screen size was insufficient, it was modified to fold with the “+” button.
2. Changed the display of “Download” in the pull-down of problem type to “Attached file”.
3. Changed so that expired members cannot be selected from the pull-down menu.
4. The score notation when there is no grade is unified to “—”.
5. If the number of target records is more than 50,000, the server will be overloaded and the system may be down.
6. Changed to display each teaching material icon on the problem-specific screen.
7. The “Name” of the mail transmission history has been changed to “Name”.
8. Although the score was displayed as 0 on the grade details screen of the attached file, it has been changed to display “—”.
Email setting
1. In the case of no member registration, no grades, and no teaching materials, the preview screen of the email template displayed the learner and the teaching material name as null, so it was modified to display “student” and “teaching material name” .
List of Certificates
1. The date of the last acquisition was updated every time the certificate was opened.
The entire site
1. Since the height of the icon and the character at the top of each screen were shifted, they were adjusted to be displayed at the same height.
2. Adjusted to not expand on double tap on iOS devices.
3. When clicking a specific URL after logging in when not logged in, the user was redirected to My Page and could not reach when logging in. However, it has been modified so that it can reach the specified URL.
4. Following the relocation of the head office, the e-mail address for the quotation, paid plan payment confirmation, the procedure to change or continue paid plan has been changed to a new address.
Member registration function
1. The procedure was added to the text of the approval request email, and it was modified to make it easier for the administrator to operate.
EC purchase history
1. The buttons in the Other column were displayed side by side, but it has been modified to display them vertically so that they can be operated even on narrower screens.
EC Product Management
1. When multiple instructors and content were set, the display was broken on the screen, so it was improved to be displayed clearly.
2. Modified so that shortcut materials can be set for products.
EC Store
1. When browsing the details of purchased products, the learning period is displayed, and a “learn” button is displayed in the curriculum so that learning can be performed immediately.


Content management
1. When creating typing materials using texts saved in Shift-JIS, there was a problem that the form could not be re-edited.
Member Management
1. When editing one of the members, if you press the Esc key on that screen, the “Affiliation Group” display disappears no matter how many times you open the screen until you log out Therefore, it was modified to be displayed even if the Esc key was pressed.
2. In the environment where member registration is used, when setting not to use EC function, “Unvalidated”, “Unapproved” and “Unapproved” are not displayed in the status pull-down on the member registration/edit screen Due to a problem, the settings that do not use the EC function can be displayed and set to “Not Enabled”, “Not Approved”, and “Not Approved”.
3. When all the members were displayed and the button for assigning teaching materials was clicked, the group “All members” was displayed as assigning teaching materials, so it was modified to show that all members are assigning teaching materials.
Medical record function
1. When deleting the last grade learned, there was a bug that the last study date of the medical record was blank even if other grades remained, so it was corrected so that it is displayed correctly even if deleted. did.
2. After solving the quiz, the teaching material whose status was waiting for marking was displayed as passing on the medical record, so it was modified to be displayed as waiting for marking.
Notification management
1. When a member who does not have group management authority and has the notification management authority selects a notification destination, a specific group could not be selected, so it can be selected.
2. There was a problem that members without member management authority could not select a group as a notification destination, so they could be selected and sent.
E-mail settings
1. When using one or more single quotes for the grade management notification template name, there was a problem that the grade screen did not function properly.
2. When the field key name and footer name were created only with numbers, there was a problem that the mail template variables were not expanded.
Viewing grades
1. If you enter only 0 in the typing materials, your answer was not displayed, so it was displayed as 0.
2. Deleting the grade notification email that was being sent caused the subsequent transmission to stop.
3. At the time of group narrowing, there was a problem that the narrowing would be lost when reloading if it was a combination of all members and members.
4. When hitting the save button after scoring repeatedly, the same number of emails was sent, so it could be clicked only once.
Certificate list
1. A certificate that was not assigned could not be opened and a 404 error was displayed. Corrected it so that it could be opened, and removed the indication “Certificates are not currently distributed.”.
EC store
1. When products with/without instructors are mixed in the first row of products, the list may be collapsed depending on the display enlargement ratio of the browser, so the list is displayed beautifully regardless of whether or not the instructor is set Has been fixed.
EC Product Management
1. At the time of product registration, there was a problem that the instructor name did not appear in the modal that changed the teacher’s revenue distribution, so it was modified to display correctly.
EC Address Management
1.We fixed the search button could not be clicked after entering the zip code after pressing the add button without entering “Add Address”.
1. When the show/hide part is not set in the “Show/Hide Workbook”, the capture rate used to be displayed as NaN%, is now displayed as 0%.
2. We fixed questions to be printed for PDF at iPad Os.
The whole site
1. We fixed to show the content with width 1200px since the right side of the screen was used to be hidden by the side menu.