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Tests &

A wide variety of quiz types
build diversed learning styles

learningBOX is a good ally.

Online examination at
 any time, anywhere

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Effective management
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Tests & examinations 
Three features to boost your business

point 01

Just a few clicks to go with
a user-friendly interface

Questions and tests can be easily created using the creation form, and the materials can be configured according to the learner.
Also, AI assists your quiz creation. All you need to do is just to upload content you have.

point 02

Enhance your learning experience with
effective course building

You can design courses using highly customizable options.
Detailed course design improves learning effectiveness and proficiency.

point 03

Track user progress to
foster engagement 

Each learner's performance is automatically saved.
Based on the progress and test results, admins can identify the leaners' strengths and weakness in detail.

Tests & examinations 

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