Use Case


Manage cost-effective training online.
No need to pay for venues, transportation
and external lecturers.

learningBOX is a good ally.

Easy to manage
online courses

Visualized learners'

Onboarding at
any time, anywhere


Why learningBOX? 
Three features to boost your business

point 01

Just a few clicks to go with
a user-friendly interface

You will discover how easy to create contents with our cutting-edge authoring tools.
Create, upload and embed content from what already exists in your PC.

point 02

Track user progress to
foster engagement 

Each learner's performance is automatically saved.
Based on the progress and test results, admins can identify the leaners' strengths and weakness in detail.

point 03

Pocket-friendly plans
will accelerate learning 

You can start your learning journey from USD300/yr per 100 accounts (Starter Plan).
Before you start a paid plan, why don't you try our forever-free plan (up to 10 accounts)?

Why learningBOX? 

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