Premium plan

Pay-as-you-go per 100 accounts



Monthly USD200

Unleash the Power of Content

*Maximum upload file size: up to 5GB/file

  • Main Purpose/Use
  • Video lectures
  • Upload files with large data volume
  • Time saving with AI


Annual Contract
(Per 100 accounts)
Monthly Contract
(Per 100 accounts)
Number of Accounts Per 100
Number of Groups  Unlimited
Data Storage 200GB/100 accounts
Maximum Upload File Size

Up to 5GB

*No increase in the maximum file upload based on the number of accounts.

*Lower data storage may be applied for some types of content. For more details, click  here.

Video Quality


Low: playback in the lowest quality

High: adjusted to the highest quality according to the internet speed.

*For more information, click here.

AI Assist 
  • Generating quiz/memorization card from a video: Unlimited
  • Generating quiz/memorization card from PDF/text/URL: Unlimited
  • Report assignment analysis: 1000 times
  • Automatic course generation: Unlimited
*We may restrict the use of AI Assist if the usage is deemed inappropriate.
Payment Method PayPal payment


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