dedicated server

We build a server dedicated to your company's learning environment. This allows you to choose when to upgrade your system, regardless of the timing of our system upgrades.

A dedicated learning environment server for your company that cannot be influenced anywhere else.

Advantages of a Dedicated Server

A stable version of learningBOX is available

The timing of system upgrades can be selected in-house.

A comfortable learning environment can be provided without being affected by other companies' usage.

The URL will be your own domain.

Design customization can be done.

You can use your own email address for the automatic email sent from the learningBOX.


dedicated server
Design Customization

Price: ¥ 495,000 (tax included)

First year expenses

Domain Name / Own Domain
Top page / Customizable
Cost for the first year / ¥ 495,000 (tax included)
Cost for the next year / ¥ 330,000 (tax included)

After applying for a dedicated server/design customization, you will need to submit documents such as a design request form and coordinate with our staff.
Therefore, please allow us some time to start operation.
Click here for details ➡.Flow to Operation and Required Documents

List of Features

URL URL of your company's original domain
mail source E-mail address of your company's own domain
Timing of system upgrade Upgrading according to the date and time of your choice (weekdays 9:00-18:00 *except national holidays)
Updates at midnight will incur additional costs.
Restrictions by IP It is possible to allow access only from your company's static IP.
logo Logo.
Top page Can be changed to an original design
sidebar Can be changed by the sidebar manager
color scheme
Additional CSS description You can adjust the CSS in more detail.
Additional Javascript You can embed Google Analytics tags and more.


Dedicated Server Option