Starter Plus Plan

Pay-as-you-go per 100 accounts




Attract Learners with Images

*Maximum upload file size: up to 100MB/file

  • Main Purpose/Use
  • Inserting a lot of images in each content
  • Few video content
  • Cost-savings


Annual Contract
(Per 100 accounts)
Monthly Contract
(Per 100 accounts)
USD 75 
Number of Accounts Per 100
Number of Groups  Unlimited
Data Storage 10GB/100 accounts
Maximum Upload File Size

~Up to 100MB

*No increase in the maximum file upload based on the number of accounts.

*One content with large file size between 30MB and 500MB can be uploaded once as a trial.

Video Quality


*Video quality depends on the plan.

*For more information, click here.

AI Assist 
  • Generating quiz/memorization card from a video: 30 times
  • Generating quiz/memorization card from PDF/text/URL: 100 times
  • Report assignment analysis: 300 times
  • Automatic course generation: 10 times
Payment Method PayPal payment


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