Message Box Main Screen

Accelerate Communication in learningBOX

This internal messaging feature allows you to communicate with users registered in your learningBOX. Leverage this great tool for your success, supporting students and employees.

Key Features

  • Direct Message
  • Group Chat

Direct Message

Key Feature
One-to-One Communication

Message list screen

Build Positive Relationships

Start one-to-one communication with a user in learningBOX. Instant messaging will help you improve relationships with your students or employees, sharing information, ideas, knowledge, etc.

*Only admin can start a conversation.

Allow Message Reply Screen

File Sharing

Images and PDF files can be attatched up to 5 MB.

Message Box

Key Feature
Group Chat

Message list screen

Increase Productivity

Real-time group chat will contribute to active communication between members and efficient management. Share creative ideas with your group with just one click, giving role-based access to members.

Allow Message Reply Screen

Message as Notification

You can send messages as notifications.
*When untick the box, messages will be no-reply.

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