Multilingual support

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No Extra Cost

Each user can select a language that they want to use from the list of 18 languages. While the functionality remains the same, managers can send messages in multiple languages. This will boost a global knowledge sharing amoung your organization.

Supported Languages

Japanese / English

Supported languages (beta version)

Indonesian / German / Spanish / French / Myanmar / Portuguese / Tagalog / Vietnamese / Russian / Urdu / Hindi / Thai / Khmer / Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / Korean

*Content entered in English will not be translated. Example: Titles of content entered in English will be displayed in English.
*Some functions including Dashboard and system language settings in the Site Customizer will not be translated.
*learningBOX may include translations provided by Google. For more information, refer to Disclaimer regarding Google Translate.


You can select the language from the list in the header.

Language Settings Screen English website screen

The usage site is available in Japanese and English!

The learningBOX usage site is also available in English. You can learn how to create content and use management functions in English.

learningBOX usage site / English version

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