The main screen of the score management function

Automatically save your results in graphs and figures
Individually monitor learners' progress and achievement

You can check your students' scores from "Manage scores" and "Progress record". The "Manage scores" is used for "Overall score Management" and the "Chart Function" is used for "Manage scores and Analysis" for each student. Administrators can use these two functions to view the percentage of correct answers for each question and each student's performance in graphs and tables. In addition to administrators being able to view the scores of their students, students can also view their own scores.

Key features of Manage scores

  • Saving and viewing scores
  • Export results to CSV
  •  Progress record
  • List of Certificates
  • Submission Report List
  • Score Report
  • Scoring Workflow
  •  Assessment tags

Features of Manage scores

Feature 01
Auto scoring and saving

Automatic storage of grades in grade management

Avoid human errors in scoring

The scores of the quizzes are automatically saved in the Manage scores and you can check your score, pass/fail, study start date and time, and the time required. Since the quizzes are automatically scored, you can save time and avoid human errors in scoring (*Report can be scored individually from the Manage scores).
In addition, Manage scores data can be saved in CSV format.

Certificates and Badges

View a list of certificates and badges

Learners can see the list of certificates and badges they can get or have gotten in the future. It is a great motivator for learners to see all the certificates and badges they have earned.

Feature 02
Quick search a progress record

Narrowing down the list on the grade control screen

Easily monitor your learners' progress

You can filter the results by "Period, Group, Study Status" and other conditions so you can quickly find out how your students are studying. For example, you can filter the results by "Study Material" and "Not Studied" and sort by "Pass/Fail" to see which learners have not studied or passed.
You can also check the overall percentage of correct answers for each question, which can be used to analyze how to improve the overall understanding of the course by, for example, improving or increasing the study materials for those with a low percentage of correct answers.

Feature 03
Analyze the performance of your learners individually

Medical record function screen

Identify your learners' individual needs

Create a web quiz or web test with tags such as "grammar" or "reading comprehension" and you can check the percentage of correct answers for each tag from the "chart function". The percentage of correct answers is displayed for each student, so you can analyze each student's strengths and weaknesses.


Quantify your daily learning.

In addition to analysis using tags, the chart function shows the number of times students have studied, how long they have studied, their scores, and their learning progress for each learner. You can track the progress of learners' learning, such as how well they are learning and understanding, which is ideal for remote learning management.

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