API Integration

API Linkage Screen

Optimize Work Efficiency

By linking an external core system with learningBOX via API, information management such as user management and grade management can be centralized, leading to a reduction in operation and management time.
With single sign-on, learners can smoothly log in to learningBOX using IDs and passwords issued by other systems, making it more comfortable for them.

*Customization option contract is required.

Main Functions

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single sign-on

When you log in to the core system, you automatically log in to learningBOX.

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Automatic user creation

Users registered in the core system are registered in learningBOX through API linkage. Group information can also be reflected.

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grade collaboration

Automatically import specific results data in the learningBOX into the core system.

Kaonavi Collaboration

Kaonavi x learningBOX

User and affiliation information managed by the external system "Kaonavi" can also be automatically imported into learningBOX. In addition, grades in the learningBOX can be sent to the Kaonavi side.

API Linkage Screen

Linking kaonavi and learningBOX...

  • Eliminates the need to register user and group information
  • Eliminates the registration process for training course results and grades

→This reduces the amount of time spent on data entry and improves the efficiency of human resource management operations!

List of APIs

Single Sign On/ PUSH Notification/ Batch Content API/ Grade List API/ Grade Detail API/ Grade Detail Batch API/ User List API/ User Detail API/ Add User API/ Update User API/ Delete User API/ Group Allocation API/ Group List API/ Add Group API/ Update Group API/ Delete Group API/ Allocate Teaching Materials to Group API/ Access List API > Get List API/ Group List API/ Group Add API/ Group Update API/ Group Delete API/ Group Allocation API/ Access List API > Get List/ Access List API > Add/ Access List API > Update/ Access List API > Delete/ Login and Restricted Access to Course Materials> Get List/ Login and Login and educational material access restrictions > Add / Login and educational material access restrictions > Update / Login and educational material access restrictions > Delete / User integration API / API for acquiring a list of related parties / API for adding related parties / API for updating related parties / API for deleting related parties / API for acquiring payment history (by order) / SAML linkage / LDAP linkage

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