From creating learning content to selling it online
Start your e-commerce site quickly and easily with learningBOX!

When you sign up for the EC Special License, you can start selling your e-learning products online. The learning content for your products can be easily created using the content management features of learningBOX.
The preparation time from the request to be able to operate is from two months. You can start your EC site in a short period of time.

Main Functions of EC Sales Management Function

  • Product Registration Function
  • Review function
  • Preview function
  • Course Period Control
  • Revenue allocation settings
  • Instructor Setting
  • Register your company or group
  • proxy purchase setup
  • Assignment of teaching materials

Features of EC Sales Management Function

Feature 01
EC environment can be built easily

Study materials are displayed in order of study.

Easy to create and register learning contents

You can create learning contents from "Contents Management" of learningBOX. learningBOX is easy to use and anyone can create learning contents even if you are not familiar with computer operation. There are many variations of learning materials that can be created, so you can create content that meets your needs.
Next, once you have created your learning content, you can register it as a product from the "Product Management Screen" of the "EC Function". On the product registration screen, set the product code, title, and description of the product to complete the listing.

Support for various types of payment

Support for various types of payment

We support various payment methods such as credit card payment and invoice payment.

Review function

Review function

You can enter and view "course reviews" from users who have taken the course.

Preview function

Preview function

The actual course can be viewed and answered before the user purchases it.

Course Period Control

Course Period Control

The course duration can be set, allowing for flexible sales.

Instructor Setting

Instructor Setting

You can set up instructors for each course, which expands the scope of course development.

Revenue allocation settings

Revenue allocation settings

You can set the allocation of sales to each administrator and instructor.

Feature 02
Support for BtoB

Learning order control setting (course design)

Learning content can be purchased on a company or group basis

The company or group can purchase the learning content and the purchased materials can be assigned to learners by the company or group's staff.
This function can also be used for "sales of content for corporate training" and "group applications for certification exams, etc.".
Of course, you can also purchase learning content on an individual basis.

Feature 03
Can be made into an original design.

Learning order control setting (course design)

Design Customization

If you sign up for a special EC license, you can use design customization. Design customization allows you to change the logo, top page photo, color scheme, etc., you can make your EC site with originality.

Feature 04
Unlimited accounts, no expiration date.

Unlimited accounts, no expiration date.

No matter how many people you register, the only costs are the "initial fee" and the "settlement fee for each sale".

The starter and standard plans are pay-as-you-go for the number of users, but the EC sales management function (EC special license) is pay-as-you-go for the settlement amount of content sales, so the initial cost is low. As a result, accounts can be used by an unlimited number of registered users and with no expiration date.

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