Select a course

The main screen of the function to learn

You can see at a glance the materials and your progress!
You don't need to read a user manual to start.

From "Choose a Course," learners can study the course materials and browse the resources. The screen lists only those materials that have been assigned to the administrator, making it easy for the learner to get started. The list of materials displayed on the screen also includes a learning status, making it easy to see the progress of learning. There are no complicated operations, so even first-time users can learn smoothly.

Main features of Choose a Course

  • Learning the assigned material
  • Register your favorite teaching materials

Features of the Choose Course function

Feature 01
User-friendly screen for learners

List of learning materials in order of study

Easy to understand the materials and the order in which they are studied.

The user can choose to display only the material to be studied or to display the material in the order in which it should be advanced, so that the learner can learn without hesitation. The simple design of the learning screen allows intuitive operation even for first-time users.

Quiz answer screen

Easy-to-answer questions

You can answer the questions by simply entering and selecting the buttons. In addition, the screen is designed for each type of question, so answering the questions is easy and no complicated operations are required.

status display

You can see your learning progress at a glance.

You can see at a glance how well you're doing by checking the status of your course materials, which are marked as "not yet", "failing" or "passing" depending on your progress.

Move one content to another

Moving between materials is a breeze.

You can move from one material to the next with a single button. There's no need to return to the list of materials.

Feature 02
Increased learning proficiency.

Master Mode Screen

You can focus on the wrong questions.

Web quizzes and web tests created in "Master Mode" are suitable for repetitive learning because once a student answers a question, the wrong question is given priority. Study through web pages, PDFs and videos] → [Practice questions in master mode] → [Normal mode *For more informaiton, seeCheck test with] and other learning tools to increase your learning proficiency.
Normal mode is one of the web quiz/web test question modes and allows you to create questions suitable for tests and exams.

Bookmark function

Bookmark the material you want to study again

You can register your favorite materials or those that you want to study again in "Favorite List". When you register your favorite worksheets, they will be displayed at once, so you can check and study them immediately.

Feature 03
You can learn anytime, anywhere.

Compatible with computers, smartphones and tablets.

Compatible with computers, smartphones and tablets.

LearningBOX is browser-enabled, allowing learners to study anytime, anywhere on their computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Supported Environment

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