Training programs have been enhanced by replacing LMS

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  • Human resources development

Release Date :

Mr. Takashi Takigawa (left photo) Mr. Makoto Tsuchihashi (right photo)

Issues and Reasons for Introduction
  • The LMS was introduced more than 10 years ago, but the UI/UX was outdated and difficult to use, and the company was considering replacing it.
  • There were few patterns for setting LMS permissions, and the system was not operating smoothly.
  • Not enough variety of quizzes/tests, would have liked more variety
Solution / Effect
  • The LMS was replaced with an intuitive UI that is easy to use for both learners and administrators.
  • Detailed management role settings led to increased work efficiency.
  • More than 10 different quiz/test formats for more variety

PayPay Bank, Ltd. (formerly Japan Net Bank) was established as Japan's first bank specializing in Internet banking. As a pioneer of Internet banking, the bank has developed a variety of highly convenient financial services that can be completed online under the mission of "making financial services as accessible as air. The Human Resources Department had been implementing and operating an LMS for more than 10 years, but the system had become outdated, and the department considered replacing it, and the department decided to choose learningBOX. In this interview, we asked them about the challenges they faced before introducing learningBOX, changes after the introduction, usability, and future prospects.

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Considering replacement of outdated LMS to improve operational efficiency

Can you tell us about your company's business?

Mr. Takigawa:.PayPay Bank is an internet bank, which started its operation in 2000 as "Japan Net Bank" and changed its name to PayPay Bank in April 2021. After the name change, PayPay Bank continues to provide a variety of financial services as an Internet specialized bank.

What challenges did you face before introducing learningBOX?

Mr. Dobashi:.One of the challenges was that the UI/UX of the LMS already in place was old and not as "intuitive" as many systems currently in place, making it difficult to use.

In addition, there are few patterns for setting permissions, which can only be broadly divided into personnel, departments, and students, and we thought it would be useful if more detailed settings could be made.

In addition, I felt that the variation in question types was insufficient, as there were only multiple-choice questions and X-X questions.

Mr. Takigawa:.Until now, we had a system for creating manuals and operated an LMS as a subsystem of that system, which had been installed more than 10 years ago, but we had not utilized that system for manual creation for a long time, and only the subsystem was used for test creation.

Since the system itself was old, there was little variation in the creation of questions and tests, and there were calls from within the company for a greater variety of patterns. We were trying to improve the system and were collecting information on various systems, but we were unable to find the one we were looking for.

How have you been using learningBOX since its introduction?

Mr. Dobashi:.We now use the system for knowledge verification testing in customer centers and mortgage centers, company-wide compliance testing, and training in the human resources department.

The questions are created using the question creation form, and the order of the questions is currently operated without using random, etc.

Mr. Takigawa:.All of the test questions seem to operate with around 10 questions. The more questions there are, the more work it will be for the person answering them.

Excel can also be used to create questions, and we hope that you will take advantage of this feature when the number of questions increases.

LearningBOX was selected because of the attentive customer service.

How did you come to know about learningBOX and what was the decisive factor for the implementation?

Mr. Dobashi:.We were in the process of looking at replacing our LMS, and staff within the same group wereFree plan for learningBOXI had been using a We were comparing various options, including other companies.

Mr. Takigawa:.When implementing a new system, we are also concerned about whether or not it will fit with our existing internal systems. We have had some difficulties with that in the past. Also, the response of the person in charge is important. In that respect, your representative was very helpful in answering our questions immediately.

When I called, I asked a number of questions, and they responded in a very detailed manner. The courteous and quick response was a major deciding factor in our decision to introduce the system.

Thank you very much. We are very much looking forward to the opportunity to talk directly with you. We would be happy to hear from you after your implementation, not only with questions about features, but also with status reports and the like. Next, after the introduction of learningBOX, have you been able to resolve the various issues that arose before the introduction of the system?

Mr. Dobashi:.In terms of UI/UX, the system is very easy to use, and although we have not held any instructional meetings on its operation, we have had almost no inquiries from participants during the course of its operation. It seems that the system can be operated intuitively without any problems. On the other hand, there are some questions from the administrator side, and I think this is an issue that needs to be addressed in the future.

In terms of problem variation, I think the training content has been enhanced with more types. There are so many different types that I get lost. It is fun to think about what kind of questions to make. I also like the fact that I can check the correctness of each question and include an explanation.

In addition, all materials must be reviewed before proceeding to testing, etc." Prerequisites<br class="br-trp" />It is also easy to set up and manage.

The authorization settings also allow for a deeper hierarchy. We give each department the same privileges as HR and have them create questions. It is very efficient and helps us to create questions according to the work of each department.

Mr. Takigawa:.With the previous system, even if we wanted to post sensitive information such as personnel questionnaires, we could not do so because the system administrator could see it if he/she wanted to. With this replacement, we are now able to properly maintain confidentiality by setting permissions. Although there was a flurry of activity leading up to the introduction of the new system, we are satisfied that it is working without major problems.

Looking to link learningBOX and HR information systems in the future

Are there any difficulties you had with learningBOX or any areas you would like to see improved?

Mr. Dobashi:.Once I got used to it, it was fine, but I had a hard time setting up the permissions for the different levels of hierarchy and the uploading process in CSV. However, I don't think it will be a problem as it will not be a burden to the students in these areas.

Could you tell us about your plans or outlook for the future?

Mr. Dobashi:.We are currently using learningBOX in 5 departments and centers. We have authorized 2 to 3 people in each department to create questions. In the future, we intend to use it for various knowledge confirmation and rank-based training programs. We are also considering integrating the system with our talent management system.

Mr. Takigawa:.We are hoping to link our current HR information system with learningBOX. However, the current system seems to be difficult to integrate, and we are in the process of researching ways to change the system itself.

Ideally, we would like to unify the management with the personnel information system, but we have not yet reached that stage, so we would like to put in place a system. I would like to develop a system for centralized management, but this will require a lot of work, including the establishment of a system and the organization of information, which will be a very difficult task.

Since learningBOX supports API integration, it is possible to send grades if your current HR information system also supports it. If you have any questions, please contact us anytime. Finally, what advice would you give to those who are considering implementing learningBOX?

Mr. Takigawa:.After actually implementing learningBOX, I think it is very easy to use. I don't have any questions about the operation from within the company. But the most important thing is that the support at the time of introduction and the person in charge are very good.

I really wanted to tell you this directly, but the skill of the person providing support is important in deciding whether or not we want to use the system. If the response is quick and courteous, I would like to continue using the system.

I would highly recommend learningBOX to anyone who is considering implementing an LMS.

Thank you for your participation

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