Seminar function

From ver 2.14 or later of learningBOX, seminar function has been added.
Seminar function is available in learningBOXEC Special LicenseThis is a new feature that applies to customers who use

This page introduces the newly added seminar feature.

How to use the seminar function

Log in with your learningBOX owner account.
Click [Seminar Management] from the side menu bar.

learningBOX - Seminar management


You will be redirected to the seminar management page.

learningBOX - Seminar management


Scroll down to the bottom and you will see an add button, click here.

LearningBOX - How to use the seminar management function


From the Seminar Registration screen, set the seminar code, title, and other basic information required for registration.
Enter the seminar code in half-width alphanumeric characters.

Seminar registration function in learningBOX


Next, set the thumbnail image, register the course, and set the price and duration.

Setting up the seminar management function


To register course materials, select from "Course Folders".



Click here to set your price and duration.


The [Add Price and Period] window will appear.
From here you can enter the required information such as display name, number of sales, price, etc. and click the Add button.

Seminar function-learningBOX


Setting a membership rank that can be purchased allows administrators to sell content only to the members they specify when selling content at seminars.

LearningBOX - Member rank function

You can learn more about how to use the Member Rank Management function in this article.
Member Rank Management Function

When you finish each setting, check the [Make public] checkbox in the upper right corner and click the Save button.

Seminar management-learningBOX


When you return to the Seminar Management page, the seminar will be added as shown below.

Seminar management settings-learningBOX


The basic settings can be set from the gear button of the seminar management function.

Setting up learningBOX-Seminar management functions


Set the toggle switch to [On/Off] according to the customer's utilization scene.

Seminar function-learningBOX


When you have completed the basic settings for the EC function, click the Save button at the bottom right.

Seminar management function-learningBOX


How to confirm your seminar

Click [Seminar List] on the side menu bar.

learningBOX-Seminar list


The seminar search screen will appear.
Enter a title and click the magnifying glass button.

learningBOX-Seminar list screen


Click View Details.

LearningBOX - How to check the seminar


Click on the Details button to see the teaching materials you have created.

Seminar function-learningBOX