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2023.06.14 / Ver. 2.22: Functions such as duplicating contents and setting default thumbnail images were added.


Adding/editing/duplicating seminars can be set up in "Seminar Management".




02Set title and image

On the "Seminar Registration" screen, set the required items such as seminar code, title, and subtitle.
*Fields marked with "*" are required.

warning sign


If you enter a description in the "Description" field and do not enter anything in the "Description to be displayed in the list," the content entered in the "Description" field will be reflected in the "Description to be displayed in the list.

03Set a thumbnail image

Thumbnail images are set by default.
To change the setting, click on the cloud icon.

04Set a course

Click on the "+" icon under "Courses" and select the content you wish to include in the seminar.
Tick the content you wish to register and click the "Add" button.
*For information on how to create a course,  Create a Course.

05Set price and duration

Click the "+" icon under "Price/Period" and set the "Display Name," "Number of Sales," "Price," etc.
Setting the membership ranks available for purchase allows you to sell content only to designated members.
*For membership ranks,「会員ランク」.

06Set stakeholder

Click on the "+" icon under "Set stakeholder" and set the "Stakeholder" and "Profit share rate."

07Set Review

Select "Hide" if you want to hide reviews.
When you do not allow users to post reviews, select "Off."

warning sign


The submitted reviews will be displayed on the Seminar Details page.
The "Use review function" must be set to "On" in the EC function basic settings.

08Category Settings

You can set categories for your seminars.
*Up to 10 can be set.

09Set Tag

Tags can be set for seminars.
To create a new tag, enter a tag name and click "Add".
To use an existing tag, select from "Select from existing tags".

10Purchase restriction

Selection restrictions can be set according to the badges the user has acquired.
Right-click on "{ } Acquire all badges."
To add a target badge, click "Add Badge" > ✓ the badge you wish to add and click "Add".
To change the restrictions, click on "Change Restrictions to 'Any'" to broaden the eligibility.

11Ticket information

Enter the location of the event and the name of the lecturer.

12Recommendation / maximum per person

The higher the number you set, the higher it will appear in the list on the "Find Seminars" screen.

13Set the Access period

You can set the period of time to be published on the "Find Seminars" page.
If you select ✓ for "Do not list," you can hide the registered seminars from the list on the "Find Seminars" screen.

14Set sales start date

You can set whether or not the seminar you are registering for is open to the public on the "Find Seminars" screen.
Archiving hides the seminar in the "Manage Seminars" and "Find seminars" page.
Click "Save" to finish the settings.
Click "Preview" to see the actual detailed seminar screen displayed.



・Gear icon: Edit seminar
・Mail icon: you can edit e-mail to admins and stakeholders.
・Copy icon: Duplicate seminar
・Trash can icon: Delete seminars

Common Item Settings

You can configure settings related to common items for seminar functions.
*For more information on how to set this up, please contact us.「EC機能基本設定」.


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