Seminar function

How to use the seminar function

Click on "Seminar Management" in the side menu.
On the "Seminar Management" screen that opens, click the "Add" button.



On the "Seminar Registration" screen that opens, set the seminar code, title, and other basic information necessary for registration.

Seminar registration function in learningBOX


Next, set the thumbnail image, register the course, and set the price and duration.

Setting up the seminar management function


To register materials, select from courses and folders.



To set the price and time period, click the "+" icon.
On the "Add Price/Period" screen, enter and add the required information such as display name, number of items sold, and price.


Setting the membership ranks available for purchase allows you to sell content only to designated members.

LearningBOX - Member rank function

For more information on "Member Rank Management," please click here.
Member Rank Management

When you have completed the settings, tick the "Publish" box in the upper right corner and save the file.

Basic settings for all EC functions can be configured using the gear icon in the upper right corner of the "Seminar Management" screen.
Click on "Save."

Setting up learningBOX-Seminar management functions


How to confirm seminars

Click on "Find Seminars" in the side menu.

Please select the seminar you wish to attend.

learningBOX-Seminar list screen


Click on "View Details" in the target seminar.

LearningBOX - How to check the seminar


You can check the contents of the seminar content.

Seminar function-learningBOX