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Introduction to e-learning utilization seminar in the age of with Corona

In the Corona vortex, online learning has become very accessible to both professionals and students.
If you have installed learningBOX but are not confident about its operation, or if you are considering installing learningBOX but don't have a clear image of how to operate it, this seminar will answer your questions.

In the "Introduction" section, we will introduce the most basic applications in an easy-to-understand manner with simple demonstrations in about 60 minutes!
Please feel free to join us!

I recommend it to people like you!

  • For those in charge of in-house DX
  • Person in charge considering the use of LMS for in-house training
  • For cram schools, schools and other educational institutions nationwide
  • For users of the learningBOX Free Plan

Webinar Content

First time learningBOX
e-Learning Seminar in the Age of Corona with Corona (Introduction)

Exhibition Outline

Date & Time Tuesday, October 26, 2021
14:00 - 15:00
entrance fee FREE
Holding Method webinar
Use Zoom.
How to join We will inform you by e-mail separately after your application.


Tatsuno Information System Corporation Introduction Support
Saori Yoda

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