Even if you use 100 accounts, the price starts at 33,000 yen per year (tax included).
E-learning is now beyond the norm and at a lower price.

About Pricing Plans

The fee is calculated based on the license fee plus various optional fees. Please see below.
You can use it for the license fee only.

License Fee

You can start for free with no initial fee. You are charged on a pay-as-you-go basis for the number of accounts.
The difference between each license is in the amount of server capacity and the amount of material one can upload.
About the Free PlanAbout the Starter PlanAbout the Standard Plan

*If you are using a shared server, you can operate multiple learning environments in a shared environment.I am.
Therefore.When you register your login ID, display name, or email address, you cannot use it if it is already in use.
For more information, please click here. =>How to avoid duplicate member registration

LMS Pricing Plans

Call us at 0791-72-8421 orContact FormPlease feel free to order and consult with us at

With additional options, you can achieve more of the LMS you desire.

Option 1: Hosting / Design Customization

For an LMS of your desired design.

With an original design, the site can be used to motivate learners and sell learning content. The content and cost will vary depending on the server plan.
About Hosting Customization
About Shared Servers and Design Customization
Dedicated Server / Design Customization
Flow to Operation and Required Documents

Dedicated Server Option

We do not provide support for questions about your company's settings or configuration, so please have a specialist with knowledge of the server to answer them.

Option 2: App Usage Plan

※learningBOX標準アプリは2021年3月をもちまして、販売を終了させていただきます。詳しくはIfor more information.


Apps make learning more accessible.

The app allows learners to start learning at the touch of an app button without having to access a browser. The price and content varies depending on the customization. (We are not accepting applications for the original apps at this time.
About the App
App use and no customization
App use and customization

Other recommended options and customizations are also available

Option 3: API integration

Enables integration with mission-critical systems

With a dedicated server plan, learningBOX APIs can be used to integrate with external systems such as mission-critical systems, as well as to display learning effects and teaching materials on your website. The single sign-on function allows you to use IDs and passwords that have already been issued by other systems for smooth login.
About API integration

Option 4: Hide the copywrite

Hide copyright.

Hide the learning box copywrite that appears in the footer of the system. You can further enhance your branding.

Option 5: QuizGenerator License

Original quiz and test screen.

Features available with a license agreement
Text-to-speech function
Design customization function
Ability to change the system output characters in the player.
You can still use it without a license, but please consider purchasing a license for commercial use.
About the QuizGenerator License

About the answers to the security sheet
Response to security requirements sheet: from 50,000 yen (free of charge for contracts of 150,000 yen or more)
Your request isContact FormOr call us at 0791-72-8421 for more information.

EC Functionality Plan

EC Function

Building an e-commerce site for learning content.

A dedicated server subscription is required for this plan.
You can sell original content on your own domain, with various payment methods such as Paypal credit card payment, bank transfer and corporate invoice payment.
About the EC function
About EC Special License

There is a special EC license fee and a dedicated server fee.
(The pricing structure is different from the Free Starter Standard plan, which is based on the number of accounts.

LMS Fees

For more information about the EC function, please contact us in advance.Contact FormOr you can call us at 0791-72-8421.