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 Free Plan

Free for up to 10 accounts



The same features to the pro plan for free!
EC function cannot be added.

If you are considering implementing an LMS
Why not try learningBOX for free and use it as much as you want?

Free Plan is a plan that allows you to use learningBOX for 10 accounts for free and indefinitely. You can use almost all functions (*except EC function), and the environment (teaching materials and registered members) built in the free plan will be inherited even if you upgrade to the paid plan.

  • Recommended when you...
  • I want to try out the learningBOX.
  • Less than 10 people use this service.
  • I'm using QuizGenerator and want to manage open questions in learningBOX.

Free Plan Outline

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License Fee FREE
Contract Period indefinite
Number of accounts Up to 10 accounts (including the administrator account)
Number of Groups Unlimited
Server Capacity 1GB
Maximum Upload File Size
per Content
~Up to 30MB
The capacity of Web page / Show/hide workbook / Report assignment / Certificate
 will be lower than the limit above.
You can upload
only one large teaching material (A file between 30MB and 500MB).
Video quality low resolution resolution
*Picture quality varies depending on the plan.
*For more information on image quality here.
AI Assist  ・Quizzes/memorization cards creation from videos: up to 30 times
・Quiz/memorization card creation from other than videos: up to 100 times
・Report assignment analysis: up to 300 times
Available paid options QuizGenerator License

Features available to Free Plan subscribers

Select a course


Manage users

Manage scores


Management functions

Multi-lingual Support

With a contract of Standard Plan or higher,
Unlimited (some restrictions apply)

AI Assist

Available with EC Special License + Dedicated Server Contract



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