Manage Members

Main screen of member management function

You can invite and manage members in one place.
You can also give members roles, so as to make it perfect for managing multiple people!

You can register and edit the members of learners and administrators, and set the administrative roles of the members in the "Member Management" section. You can also manage members in groups, so you can group members by class if you are a student, or by department if you are an employee.

Main Features of Member Management

  • Member Invitation
  • Request an account
  • Managing and editing members
  • Creating a group
  • Assign roles

Member Management Features

Feature 01
Easy to register and manage members

Study materials are displayed in order of study.

Member registration can be done both by invitation and application from users.

In addition to the ability for administrators to register and invite members, it also has an "account application registration function*" that allows users to register as members by entering their own information. Users can register themselves and the administrator can approve or disapprove the applicant, making it ideal for providing BtoC e-learning services such as online certification exams.
You will need to sign up for optional hosting and design customization.

Study materials are displayed in order of study.

Manage members in a group

Members can be registered and managed by each learning group. A group can belong to more than one group.

Study materials are displayed in order of study.

Bulk registration by CSV

Members can be registered and edited in CSV format. Please make use of this function when you want to register and edit a large number of people at the same time.

Study materials are displayed in order of study.

You can set an expiration date.

You can set an expiration date on your account. Once the expiration date has passed, you will not be able to log in and your account will be deleted.

Feature 02
Members can be authorized.

Study materials are displayed in order of study.

Manage a learning box for multiple people

You can grant permissions to members from the member management screen. By granting permissions to members, even non-administrators (owner accounts) can create teaching materials and manage grades.
Permissions can also be set up for each group. If you set the permissions for each group, your supervisor can view the results only for you and your subordinates, invite your subordinates to the learning box, and manage them.

List of Permissions that can be granted
Group management role
Group management role

Permissions to invite and edit members and create and edit groups.

Content management role
Content management role

Members who are authorized to manage learning materials can manage the "Create and edit contents" and "Create and edit folders" of the learning box.

Score management role
Score management role

Members who have been granted grade management rights can view the grades of other members. The grades of all members invited by the administrator are displayed by group, by individual, and by question.

Content assignment role
Content assignment role

Members who have been granted the authority to assign materials can assign folders to specific members or groups.

Administrator roles
Administrator roles

There are four types of administrator privileges, and you can set each of them. Authorization Authorization", "Notification Management", "Email Template Editor" and "Configuration Page Access".

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