How to avoid duplicate member registration

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How to avoid duplicate member registration

In the morning and evening, you can feel a faint hint of autumn. Hello, this is Kuroda from Quality Control Department. In this article, I would like to talk about the following topics that we often receive inquiries about when we "Register/Edit Member" of learningBOX."Avoid duplicate member registration.Here's how to do it.

In the learningBOX, when you register a member"This login ID is ~, this display name is ~, and this email address is already in use.or something like that, and you're in trouble! If you use this workaround, you can avoid duplicate member registration. It's easy to set up, so if you are having trouble with duplicate members, please try this.



  • 1. learningBOX member registration
  • 2. why duplicate member registration occurs
  • 3. how to avoid duplication
  • 4. Summary


Member registration for learningBOX


With learningBOX's member management feature, you can create multiple groups and distribute different materials to each group you create. Members can also belong to multiple groups.

In addition, you can give registered members 5 roles: "Group management role", "Content management role", "Score management role", "Content assignment role", and "Administrator role".

With learningBOX's role settings, you can delegate tasks that are normally done by administrators, such as creating learning materials, managing scores, assigning learning materials, etc., to users who are designated by the administrator (people with role). Authorized users can create content (learning materials), view and manage learner performance information, assign content to groups, and manage the learning environment in learningBOX in the same way as administrators. For more information, please see this article.
How to give appropriate roles to members using learningBOX Management role settings.

Reasons for duplicate member registration


For learningBOX shared servers, you cannot register a login ID, display name, or email address that is already in use in another administrator's environment.

Therefore, once you register a new account using your login ID, display name, and email address registered on a shared server, you will receive an alarm stating "This ○○○○ account is already in use.

How the Shared Servers Work

eLearning - Member Registration

A shared server is a server that is shared by multiple users. You can think of it as renting a room in an apartment building, where multiple users share a single server, like a "shared house".

With learningBOX shared servers, multiple users use the same server.You cannot register a "Login ID, Display Name, or Email Address" that has already been used in another administrator's environment.If this is the case, please try the "How to avoid duplicate member registration" described below, or register with a different login ID, display name, or email address.

How to avoid duplicate member registration

In this article, we'll show you how to avoid duplicate login IDs and email addresses when you register members.

How to avoid duplicate login IDs

The login ID must contain one-byte alphanumeric characters (a-z 0-9) and special characters such as ! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , - . / : ; < = > ? [ \ ] ^ _ ` can be used. It is recommended to create a mixture of numbers and special characters to avoid duplication.
Invite ➡ members

How to avoid duplication of members' email addresses

Starting with version 2.11.18 of learningBOX, the ability to create aliases for email addresses using the ++ symbol has been added in order to avoid duplicate email address errors.
To explain this feature simply, it is a feature that allows you to create multiple email addresses.
Set "+〇〇" for Gmail and "++〇〇" for other than Gmail.
Just add "+◯◯◯" after the email address and you can use it just like a normal email address. All messages sent to the mail alias will arrive at the mailbox of the original mail address.

Examples① ②
Since ①and ② are both aliases for the original email address, the emails above will be delivered to "".

How to avoid duplicate ➡ email addresses

Change to a Dedicated Server Plan

If you want to avoid the possibility of duplicate registration, we recommend that you consider a dedicated server plan. In the dedicated server plan, there is no other environment, so you can use it freely as your own environment.

Advantages of using a dedicated server
A comfortable learning environment can be provided without being affected by other companies' usage.
The timing of system upgrades can be selected in-house.
Design customization can be done.
The URL will be your own domain.

➡ Dedicated Server Plan


In this article, we introduced "How to avoid duplicate member registration" of learningBOX. We will continue to develop the e-learning system "learningBOX" which will be loved by everyone.

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