Select a course

The main screen of the function to learn

Intuitive design, easy management

Start your learning journey from the Select a course page. Assigned content is shown on this page and users can learn the content and check their state of progress with status labels.


  • Start assigned content
  • Add to My favorites


Key 01
User-friendly interface

List of learning materials in order of study

Simple course design

Only assigned content will be shown on the user interface. This indicates the appropriate learning steps for each user and the intuitive design helps them step forward.

Quiz answer screen

Single step to go

Click, drag or type to answer questions.

status display

Status label

Depending on the state of progress, status labels including Pass or Fail will be shown on each content.

Move one content to another

Simple icons

Users can jump to the previous/next content with a single click, or add content to My favorites.

Key 02
Improve learning retention rate with repeat and review

Master Mode Screen

Learn from your mistakes

Quizzes and exams created with the Master mode are the perfect fit for repetitive learning. When users choose wrong answers, the questions will be asked in order of priority in the next trial.   

Bookmark function

My favorites

Learners can bookmark content by clicking the heart icon. The heart-marked content is automatically added to the My favorites page so that learners can easily start the content again.

Key 03
Learn anytime, anywhere

Multi-device support

Multi-device support

learningBOX supports PCs, smartphones and tablets to empower users to learn anytime and anywhere.

Supported Environments

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