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Organizational DX* There areDo you want to streamline your HR operations by promoting
Right now, we're running a special promotion to celebrate the two systems working together!

What is DX (Digital Transformation)?
The concept is that "ever-evolving digital technology is impacting people's lives and enriching their daily lives.

Business Concerns Business Concerns

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No manual entry required! Ideal for sharing fluid information! Automatic scoring and tabulation! No manual entry required! Ideal for sharing fluid information! Automatic scoring and tabulation!
These are the benefits! These are the benefits! These are the benefits! These are the benefits!

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kao naviandlearningBOXIn conjunction with the
DX PromotionCompanies that are working on
I'll show you!

Kaonavi and learningBOX
The two systems work together.
Accelerating the growth of our human capital!

Monogatari Corporation
Kumi Nakai, Manager, Human Resources Support Department
Mr. Masato Takahashi, Manager, Monogatari Academy

[Company Profile]Monogatari Corporation Logo

Founded in 1949 in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture as the oden shop "Shobo Genji".
The company currently operates more than 500 restaurants in Japan and overseas in the yakiniku, ramen, okonomiyaki and other restaurant businesses.

Speaking of promotion exams, learningBOX.
It is also used to create the Storyteller's Test, which is sent out weekly.

We already have a learningBOX in place.
Can you tell us how you are using it?

Mr. Takahashi.Originally, we introduced learningBOX to be used for promotion exams.
At present, "learningBOX" has become a common language in the company. We hold three types of examinations: one every three months for chiefs and assistant managers, and one every month for store managers. In addition, I am in charge of creating the content called "Monogatarijin Test," which is a weekly 10-question test distributed company-wide.

I've been working on the exam information for our new tool, the Narrative License.
The goal was to incorporate them into Kaonavi.

I understand that you have recently linked up with the talent management system Khaonavi.
Could you tell us how that happened?

Ms. Nakai.In addition to promotional exams, employees need to keep studying, updating their knowledge with each legal revision and learning about the latest compliance. To this end, we introduced the "Story License" content as a self-development tool that allows employees to check their daily learning and its effects. Employees can take the license examination using learningBOX, and the results can be imported into Kaonavi. This linkage was started for this purpose.

The previously cumbersome updating of information is now automatic!
We're all impressed!

So the system is linked to the introduction of the new system.
How do you feel about the actual linkage?

Ms. Nakai.Our company is in the growth stage, and there are many new store openings and associated transfers. We used to update the information of the transferred employees manually. It took a considerable amount of time, up to about two months, before the results of the license could be shared with the supervisor of the transferred employee. With the linkage between learningBOX and Khaonavi, automatic updating is now possible. It's really impressive and we got quite excited in the department (laughs)!
On the day of transfer, the supervisor at the new location can check the information on license acquisition, so that he or she can quickly promote the growth of subordinates. This should increase the growth speed of human resources throughout the organization. It's also great that we no longer have to keep a tally of license acquisition rates. Staff in our department used to spend about three hours each week on this task, but now that this work has been eliminated, we have more time for other tasks.
Mr. Takahashi.I believe that cross-checking human resources information from Kaonavi with learning information will enable multifaceted evaluation of individual employees and deepen our understanding of human resources.

I would like to use the system well to make sure that our management philosophy and company policies are well understood throughout the company. We're serious about this!

The two of you are leading the "learning" within the company in line with the company's vision!

Ms. Nakai.We have offices all over Japan, so it is difficult for us to spread our philosophy and policies unless we make good use of the system. Both Takahashi and I originally gained experience in the field at stores. We can see how much of a sense of temperature the head office has or has not conveyed. I believe that face-to-face communication is the most effective way to communicate. However, if this is not possible due to distance or other reasons, I would like to make a serious effort to share our philosophy using a system.

Thank you, Mr. Nakai and Mr. Takahashi, for taking the time to answer our questions in this interview!

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