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Art Certification Test Association

Art Certification Test Association

In response to the new normal society and
Allowing you to take the exam online at home!

Ms. Namiko Takada, Association for Art Certification


We are working to promote the Art Certification Test, which connects art, people, and society. The Bijutsu Kentei (Fine Arts Proficiency Test) is designed to help people who appreciate art improve their ability to see artworks. We hope that people will be impressed by the works of art by learning about the artists, the historical background, and the techniques used.

Anxiety about the venue test due to corona shock.
The burden of those who travel from far away to the test site.
Time loss due to outsourcing problem layout.
Continuity of the candidate's past success history.
By making it online, you can take the exam from the comfort of your home.
Dispelling anxiety about coronary infections.
To reduce the burden of travel time and expenses for examiners.
We are able to offer a wide range of examination opportunities nationwide.
The problem creation is easy to understand and comprehensive, allowing for flexible in-house production.
It can be visualized by previewing the screen.
By importing the data of past examinees, it corresponds to the examination conditions.

"The more you know, the more you see. Add some color to your life!

First of all, can you tell us about your art certification?

Our goal is to help you improve your ability to see artworks.
This year we have introduced an online exam that you can take at home.

The Art Certification Test ranges from Level 4 to Level 1, and we have usually held the test once a year, in November each year. Originally, the examinations were held at venues in five cities throughout Japan, but in response to the impact of the corona infection, this year we introduced online examinations that can be taken at home. We want to provide as many people as possible with the opportunity to take the test in a safe and secure environment.

Level 4 is an introductory level that you can pass by adding a little more to your existing knowledge. We've already introduced an online exam in August, so if you're interested, please feel free to take it first.

This is the official website of the ↓ Art Test.
Official website of the Art Certification Test

What is a Level 1 Art Navigator, as described on the official website?

In order to make art, which is a little bit difficult to understand, more accessible, we will read and understand it in an easy-to-understand way.
These are the people who can transmit the joy of "seeing".

The Art Certification Test is a test that has been accumulating for more than 10 navigator<br class="br-trp" />Currently, there are more than 300 art navigators in Japan. The word "navigate" means to guide or show the way, but I want art navigators to be people who can tell others about the impressions and enjoyment they get from seeing artworks. I want art navigators to be people who can help people to enjoy art works more deeply and tell them that they can enjoy them more deeply.

Although audio guides are available at museums and curators provide explanations, people still tend to think that art is too difficult to understand. However, art is still considered to be too difficult to understand. Art navigators are people who can help make art more accessible by providing easy-to-understand explanations and conveying the joy of looking at art. The Art Certification Test is offered with the hope that people will not only learn knowledge, but also use the knowledge they have acquired to play an active role in society.

How did you hear about learningBOX?

I originally came across it on QuizGenerator.
I made a quiz to try out once and it was really quick and easy.

I originally came across it on QuizGenerator. The art exam starts at level 4, but I thought it would be good to have a more accessible entrance, so I wanted to make a quiz about the exhibitions being held at the time. For example, you might think, "I heard that Van Gogh is coming to Ueno, and it's famous, so let's go there. But I thought it would be a lot of fun if people could learn just a little bit about the main works, like how he painted them when he was young, or how he used colors, in a quiz format. So I made a quiz to try out, and it was really quick and easy to make. The images were imported beautifully, and it was really easy to create, even for someone like me who isn't very IT literate. It was during this process that I learned about learningBOX, which is a learning tool.

Art Certification

Do you have any recommendations for features of the learningBOX?

You can easily collect data such as the percentage of correct answers and the time required for each question in the "Grade Management Screen".
We also had a "coupon function" added, which allows you to get a discount on the exam fee.

On the score management screen, you can easily collect data such as the percentage of correct answers and the time required to solve the questions. The questions on the Art Certification Exam include current events and trends in the art industry, and the question writing team puts a lot of thought into creating good questions every year. Until now, we have not been able to take data on the time required, so I feel that we can use this information to further improve our question creation.

In addition, we originally offered discounts on exam fees through student discounts and special coupons for book purchasers, and we are doing the same with function<br class="br-trp" />I was able to get a discount on the exam fee for the online exam by having them add Also, in the Art Certification Test, you cannot take the Level 1 test unless you have passed the Level 2 test, but we have taken all the data from past passes and linked it to your Art Certification Test Online account. This allows us to identify examinees by email address, name, etc., and reflect their results. This is a great help to us because we don't have to ask candidates to enter the number of their Level 2 certificate.

↓You can check the application process of the test.
Art Certification

How did you find learningBOX's question creation?

It was really easy and simple.
The creation screen is easy to understand and I really appreciate the preview view so I can visualize and check.

It was really easy and simple to create questions. If I had to ask a company to do the layout, I would have to send the necessary information in Excel and then revise it again in Excel, but that would have taken a lot of time and I couldn't imagine what the layout would actually look like.
However, learningBOX has an easy to understand creation screen and a preview display, so I really appreciate that I can visualize and check the results. In addition, the size of the images and the placement of the answer boxes are flexible and can be adjusted to our needs.
You can choose from 13 different question formats, including multiple-choice and sorted questions, so you can do things with learningBOX that you couldn't do with paper-based exam questions. I think that new ideas will change the range of content for certification tests.

This is a sample test for ↓ Art Test.
Art Certification

For those of you who are about to take the test...

We have free sample questions for you to try.
We hope you enjoy taking the test.

If you're thinking of trying Free sample questions<br class="br-trp" /> We hope you will try them. The sample questions are based on famous paintings that everyone has seen somewhere before, so I think you will enjoy them. We are aware that not everyone is familiar with computers and other IT, but we hope that you will enjoy taking the test.

How has the inclusion of the online exam changed things from last year?

I think that we have become closer to the people who take the test.
Thanks to the incorporation of the EC function, the application status of examinees can be checked in real time from the administration screen.

With the introduction of online examinations, I think we have become closer to the people who take the examinations. What I mean by "closer" is very sensory, but thanks to the EC function of learningBOX, we are able to understand the application status of examinees. For example, we know what payment method they chose, and we know that some of the people who purchased books are using discount coupons for exam fees. You can check the status of examinees in real time from the administration screen.

We have also created an exam flow so that you can solve sample questions before you start the real exam. There is a wide range of age groups who take the Art Certification Test, from teenagers to people in their 70s and older. For example, we wanted to familiarize people who are not used to using a PC with the operating procedures beforehand so that they can take the test with ease. For those who were taking the online test for the first time, we needed to eliminate various anxiety factors, such as what to do if they pressed the wrong button. When we receive feedback from those who stumbled upon the operations leading up to the test application, we make real-time revisions so that they can follow easy-to-understand procedures, and we continue to make improvements to make the exam even better. It's a small thing, but these are some of the good things that we were able to notice because we went online.

Art Certification

What is your message to those who are thinking of starting online certification?

We decided to make the exam online so that people can take the exam with peace of mind.
I want them to challenge themselves to test their abilities.

Originally, we held the exam on a Sunday in November every year, and we had already announced it this year. However, due to the spread of the corona infection, we thought that even if we held the exam, there would be people who applied but felt uneasy about going to the venue, so we decided to hold the exam online so that people could take the exam with peace of mind. If there was one thing I was worried about, it was the risk of cheating. However, the Art Certification Test is based on the trust of the test takers, and we avoided the risk of cheating by devising the time limit, the number of questions, and the content of the questions. If I had to go over each question one by one, I wouldn't be able to finish it within the time limit.
For those who have taken the test in the past, there may be some confusion because the venue test was an environment where you could not bring in your own items, there was an examiner, and a monitor came around.
But the art exam is for self-development, so I would like them to challenge themselves to test their abilities.
Technically, I think it will soon be possible to use a computer camera to monitor and so on. However, there may be a problem with the PC specs of the examinee, and it will be up to the examinee to decide what is best for them. Online examinations are the best way to provide many people with the opportunity to take the examinations, so I would like to continue to devise ways to make the examinations better.
If you ask Tatsuno Information Systems, with their expertise in online exams, they'll make it happen!

I'm so glad we asked Tatsuno Information Systems to help us!

Once we presented the goal we wanted to achieve, he handled everything with precision, speed and care.
We have absolute confidence in you.

I knew that it was possible to easily create exam questions for certification tests with learningBOX, but I don't think Tatsuno-san had created learningBOX for online exams in the first place. However, when we told him about our request, he always responded positively and said "Let's work together! He was very encouraging. He never once said "we can't do it" to our difficult requests. If there was no way to achieve it, he would consider developing a new function, but first, he proposed A, B, and sometimes even C ideas on how to do what we could do with the current function. We were able to arrive at this point by selecting the best solution among them.

Art Certification

Tatsuno-san's head office is located in Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture, so all the meetings were held via web. The good thing about the web meeting is that the explanation is always given using the environment of the art test that we are using, so we can understand immediately what we need to do. Also, since learningBOX is a cloud service, I could make simple changes and corrections during the meeting. This ensured that all of the issues were resolved and implemented.

Once we presented the goal we wanted to achieve, Mr. Tatsuno handled everything with precision, speed and care. I have absolute confidence in him. Thanks to him, I was able to successfully start the Level 4 online exam in August. In November, the Level 3, Level 2, and Level 1 exams are finally here. Thank you so much for accompanying me on a tripod for about six months until the real thing! I can't thank you enough, Tatsuno-san. I expect that you will continue to work with us to make the Art Exam even better!


What did you think of this case study interview with Bijutsu Kentei?
Art appreciation becomes dozens of times more attractive when you cultivate the ability to see! I was deeply impressed by the Art Certification Test's wish to spread the "power to see"!
The era of online examinations at home is fast approaching, and we at learningBOX are very happy to be able to assist the pioneer, Art Certification Test, in their online examinations. We will continue to work closely with the Art Certification Exam to create a certification exam that is close to the students' hearts. We will do our best to help you in any way we can.

Ltd., which publishes books related to art examinations, answered our questions in a relaxed atmosphere in their lovely office. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to them for giving us their precious time.

Namiko Takada, thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview!