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  • Human resources development

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Issues and Reasons for Introduction
  • Training staff had to travel to locations across the country to conduct in-person training, which was time-consuming and costly.
  • It was difficult for all employees to attend the group training because some were unable to attend due to customer service.
  • Outside the company, the only way to check manuals was on paper.
Solution / Effect
  • Conducting training using a combination of web conferencing and learningBOX saved time and money.
  • Each employee can now take the training in his or her spare time.
  • Manuals can now be viewed outside the company on company smartphones

As "your No.1 business partner," No.1 Inc. provides total support for the office environment, operational efficiency, and management environment of small and medium-sized companies throughout Japan. LearningBOX is being used in various departments to improve operational efficiency within the company. In this interview, we asked them about actual examples of learningBOX use, its usability, post-introduction effects, and future prospects.

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Widely used in areas such as internal training, manual creation, and test preparation

Please tell us about your company's business and what you two do.

Mr. SekiyamaThe group's main activities are: support for the introduction of information and communication equipment and office automation equipment, and maintenance after the introduction of such equipment. The group as a whole also provides a variety of support to small and medium business owners, including website creation, human resource support, and accounting-related support.

My main job is to provide in-house training for employees who provide customer service. We conduct various training programs to improve the skills of all staff members.

Mr. Tomizawa.I work in the Information Systems Department at the head office, supporting the implementation of a sales management system.

Case Studies
Mr. Yuya Tomizawa (left photo) Mr. Shozo Sekiyama (right photo)

Can you tell us about the use of the learningBOX?

Mr. Tomizawa.It is mainly utilized by the System Support Division and Business Support Division. Particularly important risk training is organized by the Group Corporate Division at the head office, and training is provided for all employees.

The sales department uses the site for training when new models are launched. In recent years, we have focused on providing support by consultants and have posted training content in developing No. 1 business support, with videos and materials available for review.

The Information Systems Department had not been able to make much use of e-learning in the past, but we used it to support the acquisition of incentive certifications and to create samples of how the learningBOX can be used internally.

Mr. Sekiyama:.The System Support Division uses a lot of video content; it is like a textbook on how to handle and set up OA equipment. There are also videos of how to explain to customers.

In addition, the procedure manuals for setting up the equipment, etc., are posted in PDF format, and employees work while checking the documents on their company smartphones.

Before the spread of the new coronavirus, group training and paper-based tests were conducted, but now explanatory videos are available on learningBOX and quizzes (question-and-answer) are used.

In addition, there is a certification exam administered by the manufacturer of the equipment, and we have started using the system as a preparation for the exam to obtain that license. The exam is a four-choice test, so we have created questions in the same format. We will definitely report back to you in the future if there are any positive results.

What were your deciding factors in implementing learningBOX?

Mr. Sekiyama:.We compared our system with other companies' systems.The key points are ease of operation and reasonable price.

Mr. Tomizawa.Many systems did not allow me to easily create and upload my own content, but learningBOX was easy to operate.

Switching from group training to online training successfully reduced costs and time.

What were some of the difficulties you encountered before actually implementing and operating learningBOX?

Mr. Tomizawa.single sign-onWe have not yet managed to link learningBOX and Kaonavi, and we feel that it would be helpful for the HR department if learningBOX results could be reflected in Kaonavi in the future.

Case Studies

Currently, if an email address is used for SAML integration, learningBOX and Kao Navi cannot be linked, but this is currently under consideration as a development request as of October 2022.
Next, what kind of effect did you see after the introduction of learningBOX?

Mr. Tomizawa.For risk training, a training staff member traveled from the head office to each site in Kansai, Hokuriku, Shikoku, Kyushu, and other regions to conduct the training. It took a total of two weeks for a three-person team to travel to each location each time.

Currently, we use both web conferencing and learningBOX, and we mainly use learningBOX to conduct confirmation tests to measure the effectiveness of the program. We have been able to reduce travel expenses and time, and the participants have a more relaxed schedule.

By using the learningBOX, we are able to conduct the training in our own free time, which is very helpful.

Risk training focuses on information security, labor management, and compliance, and includes a 10-question, 3-question confirmation test on the learningBOX. The test is administered until all the questions are answered correctly, and the questions are randomly assigned, so it may be a little difficult to pass if you do not have a solid understanding of the subject matter.

The ability to check the course history has made it easier to manage progress, ensure that all trainees have taken the training, and facilitate the training itself.

What are some of the aspects of learningBOX that make it easy to use?

Mr. Tomizawa.Both the administrator and the learner can operate the system intuitively, so it can be used without thinking too hard.

Mr. Sekiyama:.This is a place where learners can use the system without getting lost, especially if we do not have a manual here. The icons are also easy to understand.
It also uses a lot of diagrams and videos, but they work fine, and if you have a large number of questions, you can create and upload them in Excel, which is convenient.

We would like to incorporate this into departments that are not yet utilizing it and promote operational efficiency.

Please let us know if there are any features you would like to see more of in learningBOX.

Mr. Tomizawa.I guess I am still trying to figure out some of the features about the learningBOX, but when I set the video fast forward to disabled, it forces the learner to see the end of the video, but the response to that was not very good.

As the creator, I would like them to see all of them, but the learners have asked if it would be possible to stop the program in the middle and play it again, and I am looking forward to seeing that feature implemented after the upgrade.

Mr. Sekiyama:.I amMemorization cardI have a request regarding the following. Currently, we are making memorization cards for two patterns of content required for customer service: content based on code tables and content related to how to deal with error codes. Each memorization card contains about 400 items, but I would like to be able to go back to the beginning and study them again.

Furthermore, paper memorization cards can be flipped over and studied from the opposite side, and it would be nice if that were possible on the learningBOX as well.

As for your request for memorization cards, I will be submitting a modification request to our development team ASAP! So, what kind of feedback have you received from employees who have actually taken the course?

Mr. Sekiyama:.We have heard that the best thing about the learningBOX is that we can now see the manuals even when we are outside.Previously, this was not possible outside the company for security reasons, so we have made it possible to view this information outside the company while ensuring the same level of security as within the company.

Previously, I had to carry printed paper with me, but now I can actually check the manual on my company smartphone as I work, which is a big help.

Can you tell us about your future plans and prospects for the use of the system?

Mr. Tomizawa.Although learningBOX has not been used that frequently in the sales department, there have been calls for its use in a variety of training programs in the future. We have received inquiries such as, "Do you have a manual for creating learningBOXes?

To be honest, I am not confident that I am proficient enough to use the system to conduct training myself, but if you would like to discuss specifically how to develop such content, I can offer advice and would like to promote the training of managers in the future. In addition, I have introduced webinars on the use of learningBOX held by your company to those who wish to attend, and encouraged them to attend.

Thank you. We are looking forward to seeing you at the webinar, which will include content on how to use learningBOX, as well as content that we will expand on by inviting guests. Finally, do you have any advice for those who are considering implementing learningBOX?

Mr. Sekiyama:.If you have a system department within your company, the hurdle to introduction will be lowered, but in the case of small and medium-sized companies, there may not be a dedicated department. However, learningBOX is easy to start using even without such specialized knowledge after registration. We highly recommend learningBOX because it is intuitive for the administrator to create and register content, and for the learner to operate the system.

It is easy to manage course history and grades, and can be used to measure the effectiveness of training, and the ability to use video materials is also convenient.In our department, there were also many inquiries from employees who deal with customers about the details of their work, but since we have created and posted a manual, we were able to resolve more of these questions by looking at the manual. As a result, the number of inquiries has decreased, leading to more efficient operations.

Thank you for your participation

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