Switching to learningBOX led to fun and effective learning with a variety of quiz types

Release Date :

  • Human resources development

Release Date :

Mr. Shigeki Mogi (left photo) Mr. Masahide Sasaki (right photo)

Issues and Reasons for Introduction
  • The company already had an e-learning system in place, but was considering replacing it because some aspects of its operation were not running smoothly.
  • It was time-consuming to analyze the results internally at each location, by group, etc.
Solution / Effect
  • Replaced e-learning system to reduce costs and ensure smooth operations.
  • The introduction of learningBOX also made it possible to extract only the necessary portion of the results, reducing the time required for analysis.

Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. has more than 70 maintenance service locations throughout the Kanto region, with more than 1,000 maintenance staff working day and night to maintain customers' gas appliances and other equipment. The company has been using e-learning for in-house training for some time now, but has now introduced LearningBOX to create a new system. The company selected learningBOX through Second Side Corporation, a company that produces and provides content, and Second Side Corporation is responsible for the production and operation of the training content. We conducted an interview with the person in charge of Tokyo Gas and Second Side Co.

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LearningBOX was selected for its ease of operation and attractive price.

What kind of work are the two of you from Tokyo Gas usually involved in?

Mr. Mogi:.Our department is in charge of the maintenance of gas appliances, and we have more than 1,000 staff in charge of maintenance. We are in charge of in-house training for the maintenance staff.

In-house qualifications are required to engage in gas appliance maintenance work, and we provide a variety of training programs to obtain these qualifications. We provide training for our qualified employees on new gas appliance products and difficult repairs.

Case Studies

Can you tell us about the background of the introduction of learningBOX?

Mr. Mogi:.The introduction of the system was triggered by an introduction from Second Side. In fact, we had introduced an e-learning system in the previous year, but there were parts of the system that did not run smoothly, and we wanted to replace it.

Mr. Akabane:.We are a content production company and have relationships with various system development companies.
We have used the free plan of learningBOX and found its modern UI and ease of operation to be very good, so we have added it to our list of candidates for consideration.

In the end, we proposed Tokyo Gas out of a total of about three companies. learningBOX's low cost was also attractive.

Can you tell us specifically why you considered replacing it?

Mr. Mogi:.I have also studied through various e-learning programs, but the format of many of the questions was based on monotonous strings of characters, and I often felt that it was a simple process rather than a learning experience. When e-learning was first introduced in the maintenance department, the questions were in the form of reading and answering the letters, so I honestly wondered to what extent the maintenance staff understood the questions.

Therefore, we decided to replace it after consulting with Second Side, a company that has handled many e-learning projects.

Case Studies

The quiz format makes it fun to learn content that is difficult to master just by reading.

How do you feel about actually using learningBOX?

Mr. Mogi:.What we like about the e-learning system is that it has enabled our staff to learn without getting bored. With the e-learning system we had previously used, it was difficult to keep up with the material because it was all text.

The current content is in audio and text, with bright colors and easy-to-understand buttons, and the results can be exported in CSV for easy analysis.

Mr. SasakiThe teaching materials were created after many back-and-forths with Second Side. The format of the questions is set up in a way that is appropriate for each content, making them easy to solve, which has been well received by our staff. We asked them to create an original character wearing the same uniform that we are currently wearing so that we can study together.

Mr. Akabane:.In creating the content, we have focused on the point that students can learn with continuous interest so that they do not get bored. Quiz and test screens can be customized to your original design.  QuizGenerator Licensewas contracted to create the content, which was heavily customized from the original design.

The original characters and voice-reading system are also used to give the quiz more of a quiz feel, and a one-panel cartoon is included for each question to help the user remember more deeply and make learning more enjoyable.

In addition, since staff members are learning on tablets, we use multiple-choice and pull-down questions to make it easier for them to operate on the tablets.

I've never seen an example of QuizGenerator so customized! It looks like a very fun learning experience.
Thank you for taking the time to familiarize yourself with the various functions. Next, please tell us about any difficulties you encountered in operating learningBOX.

Mr. Akabane:.Content allocation was difficult at first, and I made some mistakes in the settings. Once we were able to understand it, we were able to operate without problems.

Looking to use VR and Metaverse for training in the future.

Do you have any requests for learningBOX, such as more functions like this?

Mr. SasakiI feel that it is difficult to understand the relevant part of the grade management screen to extract only the necessary part. It would be nice if the specifications could be made so that the administrators at each site could see them at a glance.

Mr. Akabane:.We want to further develop the content and make it interactive.
Currently, we only support SCORM, but we are considering using 360-degree content, VR video, and metaverse in the future, and it would be helpful if you could support such training content as well.

I also believe that we need an API that can send grades from various forms of web content to the system, in addition to SCORM. If this becomes possible, I think learningBOX will become even more flexible.

Case Studies
Mr. Tachi Akabane

Finally, could you give some comments to those who are considering implementing learningBOX?

Mr. Akabane:.I have used various LMS over a long period of time, and learningBOX is attractive because of its flexibility. The sophisticated UI and the responsiveness of the entire system are also great. The customizable parts are much more than those of other companies, and I think that learningBOX is the only one that allows us to add any element to the template and upload the content as we wish.

We recommend that you use learningBOX in combination with a content production company like ours, as Tokyo Gas did, because you can experience the advantages of each.

Thank you for your participation

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