Save when you switch

Free 500 accounts

for the first 2 months of a Starter plan

Free 500 accounts for the first
2 months of a Starter plan

Gathering people

Low-cost, easy and multi-functional e-learning


No waiting time


No installation required


No IT team required

Have you tried any e-learning systems? Take your next step with learningBOX and test it across your organization. Make the most of our free 2 months offer. You don’t need to download any software or wait for the system to be set up. Simply sign up! It’s ready to go.

The offer should be ended once the applications reach the capacity.Only applicable to designated new customers.Terms and conditions applied.

Try it for free now!
Reduce costs and increase effectiveness!

Have you been trying online tools including e-learning and web-meeting during the COVID-19 pandemic? If you found one which perfectly suits your requirements, you have been lucky or maybe you are missing out on further opportunities.

Do you have any of these problems?

  • “We have to cut the cost”
  • “HR trainings cannot be stopped”
  • “We need to review our current LMS service because it is expensive”

3 benefits of the Switching offer.

No risk trial so feel free to sign-up!


Totally free
The first 2 months are free and no exit cost.


Parallel use
No need to cancel your current LMS service to join this offer.


Data transfer
Any data you made during the first 2 months can be transferred.

You will get 2 months of free full access for up to 500 accounts in your Starter plan of learningBOX.
If you are not happy with our service, you can cancel it anythime prior to the end of 2 months without any exit cost.

You won’t be charged automatically. No credit card required!

Features of the learningBOX

What is learningBOX?

Cloud-based learningBOX is a low cost and easy LMS.
It is multi-functional and highly versatile.

We offer an unlimited free plan for up to 10 accounts. You can test it for yourself and scale up once you are satisfied it is the right solution for you.
Each account of a Starter plan is estimated only USD0.28 per account per month, which is exceptional value and also comes with access to our free and helpful customer service.
There are 13 different types of quiz formats available in learningBOX. You can upload Video and SCORM contents too.
We have more than 13,000 active account owners*.
* As of June 2021

Key solutions

Key 1

Easily create

Key 2

Access remotely

Key 3

CSV batch operation

Key 4

Support smartphone
and tables

Key 5

Easily monitor

Key 6

Advanced assigning

What is the “learningBOX”
Starter plan 500?

The Starter Plan is suitable for light data contents up to 30mb per content.

The number of account for this offer is 500 which includes administrators and other users(learners).

Learn more about the starter plan.

The details of learningBOX switching offer

The first 2 months are free of charge for a Starter plan with 500 accounts.
The plan
learningBOX Starter plan with 500 accounts. (Find out more about a Starter plan)
Who can apply?

Any organization located outside of Japan that meets the following criteria is eligible:

An organization with expected users of 300 or more.

An organization that has experience of using LMS services but has not previously used learningBOX.

An organization that is planning to use learningBOX with members of their organization.

Even if the above criteria is not applicable to you, please feel free to contact us to discuss further.

Offer period

The offer will be closed once the applications reach our limitation.

You will get 2 months free from the day you sign up to learningBOX. We will remind you before the end of the 2nd month if you would like to stay with us or cancel it.


If you have any questions about learningBOX or this offer, please feel free to contact us by phone or email and mention this offer name.

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