AI Assist 
Free up your time

Unlock the power of AI.
learningBOX ver. 2.23

Course Generation

Uploading videos or PDFs,
AI will build a course

with a flipped learning pedagogy.

AI assist will automatically structure
a course from teaching materials to quizzes and feedback form.
An effective course buildingis available from videos, PDFs, text and URLs.

Content Creation

Choose an existing content,

AI assists will generate quizzes or flashcards.

Generate quizzes automaticallyis available from videos, PDFs, text and URLs.

*Content cannot be generated from video subtitles.
*Depending on the material and input, errors may occur and content may not be generated, or the generated results may not be accurate.


How can AI Improve your Workplace Efficiency?

AI Assist <Automating Content Creation>

Our e-learning system, learningBOX, will release "AI Assist" using ChatGPT (scheduled for release on September 20, 2023). We hope you will take this opportunity to try this function as it allows you to utilize AI easily and safely. In this article, we interviewed with learningBOX members who had tried the function firsthand, focusing on automatic quiz/exam generation with AI.

Report Analysis

With just a few clicks,
AI analyzes assignment and creates feedback.

AI check with writing assignments based on mock answers and automatically generates feedback comments.
Now let's reduce time spent on evaluation.  


How can AI Improve your Workplace Efficiency?

AI Assist <Report Analysis>

Recently, AI has been rapidly developed but how are you utilizing it in your business? Many companies may still have hurdles to overcome in terms of security including information leakage, and may be concerned about using AI in their business operations.


Unlimited AI Assist is available with a Standard Plan or higher plans.

*Some functions require a limit of use for AI Assist.

Save with an annual plan

*Tax excluded

*Some types of content have a lower data storage per content than the indicated limit. For more details, please click here.

*For Free Plan, Starter Plan and Starter Plus Plan, you can upload one large file up to 500 MB as a trial.

*We may restrict the use of AI Assist if the frequency of use exceeds our expectations or if we deem the use to be inappropriate.


Does AI performance vary by plan?

All plans have the same performance. Try it for free first.

Will the information I enter be used for machine learning?

We take measures to prevent the data entered by users from being used for machine learning.

Are there any precautions in using the AI assist function?

The generated content by AI may contain errors, so please make sure the content if it is correct.

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