How can AI Improve your Workplace Efficiency?
-Automating Employee Onboarding-

Recently, AI has been rapidly developed but how are you utilizing it in your business? Many companies may still have hurdles to overcome in terms of security including information leakage, and may be concerned about using AI in their business operations.
Under such circumstances, learningBOX, Inc. has developed an e-learning system, "learningBOXNew "AI Assist" feature for ChatGPT linkage will be released (scheduled for September 20, 2023).This is a great opportunity to try out this function for easy and safe use of AI.

In this issue, we asked learningBOX members to help us experience AI Assist firsthand. In this article, we present an interview about "Report Analysis.

For an interview about "automatic generation of teaching materials," see here

What is "AI Assist" in learningBOX?

First, let us briefly introduce the new "AI Assist" feature.

Report Analysis...AI analyzes submitted reports based on model answers. Feedback comments are automatically generated to assist in the report grading process.

Automatic generation of teaching materials (quiz/test generation, memorization card generation)...It will be possible to automatically generate quizzes and memorization cards with a single click from videos, PDF materials, website URLs, etc. uploaded to learningBOX.

This enables time savings in creating time-consuming questions and grading reports, and assists in the smooth operation of online in-house training and school education.

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We interviewed the following two members of the Support Section of the Sales Department.

From left: Takashima, Sales Department, Support Section (Tokyo Branch Office) Kashiwabara (Head Office)

Interviews were conducted by connecting Tokyo⇔Head Office online. Assuming a customer support (CS) training situation for new employee training, we asked the participants to use "report analysis" for tasks ranging from creating training questions to scoring.

What is CS (Customer Support) Training...
This is one of the training programs for new employees of learningBOX, and it is a report assignment to learn how to respond to actual customer inquiries from customers as learningBOX's customer support. The number of questions on each of the learningBOX and QuizGenerator services is more than 50, making this a difficult training program that many employees have struggled with.

What problems have scorers had with report assignments so far?

What problems have you two had in grading reports?

Takashima:When grading the report assignment, I had to write not only a pass/fail decision but also a feedback comment, and I had to create an easy-to-understand sentence from scratch while adding hints so that I could derive the answer on my own. This was difficult and time-consuming every time.

In addition, we received a total of more than 50 responses per company member, and since we had to make pass/fail judgments & provide feedback on that volume of responses in between work, before we knew it, we had a stack of reports waiting to be graded.

Kashiwabara:The responses in the report were phrased differently for each person, so it took time to check each one to make sure I was getting the points right.

The five minutes it used to take to grade one question has been reduced to one minute?

How did you actually use the report analysis? Please tell us what you liked about it.

Kashiwabara:First of all, I thought, "The age of AI has finally arrived! I thought (laughs). Aside from that, I was glad that the AI automatically presented the similarity to the model answers and created feedback comments so that I could immediately judge whether I had filled in the correct points correctly.

This seems to have allowed us to reduce the time from 5 minutes to grade one question to about 1 minute, sensibly. For example, if there are 10 questions, I might be able to reduce the time from 50 minutes to 10 minutes.

The feedback generated by the AI is also accurate, with such comments as "this sentence is missing" and "it is well written" for each point, giving the impression that it can be used without problems as a basis for judgment.

Also, if you check the box "Analyze when report is accepted" in advance, when you open the scoring screen, you will already see the answers analyzed by the AI, which I thought was very convenient.

If you check the "Analyze when report is received" checkbox, the AI analysis will be completed when the report is graded, which will shorten the time required for grading.

Takashima:I also liked how easy it was to operate and how quickly I was able to create my report assignment. Basically, all I had to do was add model answers to the normal flow of creating questions.
I thought it was a time saver overall because it also showed the analysis quickly.

As Mr. Kashiwabara said, the feedback sentences provided by the AI were also very accurate and helpful. For example, even when an answer lacked explanation, it would include specific advice in the text. It was very smooth because I could just copy the text and edit it.

▼The preparation of report assignments is also so speedy!

▼ Results screen with report analysis

It could be used not only for in-house training, but also for various examinations and test preparation!

You have used it in a CS training report scoring scene this time, but what other situations could we use report analysis in?

Takashima:In addition to universities, qualification schools, and in-house training, it could be used in such situations as in the nursing care and construction industries, where accuracy is required and there are report assignments after the training. I also thought it could be used for other purposes, such as employment and promotion exams, as well as in test preparation.

Kashiwabara:Although learningBOX also has a diagnostic test function, we sometimes receive comments from customers that it is difficult to create a diagnostic test. Indeed, it is difficult to create a diagnostic test from scratch unless you have studied statistics, etc. After using AI Assist, I feel that it is still very good at analysis, so I thought it would be even more convenient if AI Assist was also included in diagnostic tests.

What were your concerns and points for improvement?

Were there any areas of concern or areas you would like to see improved after actually using the system?

Kashiwabara:This may be improved in future modifications, but currently, the bottleneck may be that you can only enter up to 1,000 characters in response to a report assignment. For example, I felt that this was not enough for a university report assignment.

I also feel that there needs to be a basis for the "similarity to model answers" figure. However, when I tried to create a few answers that lacked the wording of the model answers, the result was that many of the answers were around 85%. There was some variation in the numbers, and I thought it would be more convincing if I could objectively see what the percentages were based on.

The percentage of correct answers is displayed as "Similarity to Model Answer".

In addition, we also tested what happens if you try to give an answer that is better than the model answer, and the percentage of correct answers was 85%. I think this 85% rate is because the AI compares the answers to the model answers, but if a person were scoring the answers, this would be a point to be added. In this regard, I felt it was safe to take the stance that "the AI is only an assistant".

Also, there was one area where I thought I might be confused about the input format at first. It is the input format of how to submit the assignment, but please note that the report analysis is not available unless you select "text input".

To use report analysis, select "Text input" and then check "Use AI report analysis (beta) (text input only)"!

Takashima:Since CS training often includes URLs and images (screenshots) as hints in the feedback of answers, I would love to see this evolve into the ability to insert them!

Would you actually like to use this feature in your business in the future?

Kashiwabara:Yes, by all means! There are more than 50 questions in the LearningBOX and QuizGenerator report assignments combined, so it is quite hard to grade them while doing daily work.

At this stage, we feel that it is difficult at this level to completely rely on AI for report grading. However, it still saves a lot of time, so I would definitely like to use it in the future. I am planning to use it in earnest during the CS training after I join the company in the summer!

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In this issue, you have seen an interview with Takashima and Kashiwabara about report analysis.

The good news is that by making effective use of AI while keeping in mind that "AI is only an assistant," it will be possible to efficiently perform tasks that used to take a long time to complete!

Although there are still issues to be addressed regarding the accuracy of the AI, we are confident that it will be useful in assisting in the grading of report assignments.

presentQuizGeneratorAI will automatically generate a quiz by simply entering a short subject or a URL that contains the content of the quiz on the page ofEasy quiz generation with AIWe hope you will enjoy the AI experience here as well until the release of the AI Assist function in September.

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How can AI Improve your Workplace Efficiency?

learningBOX Inc. is releasing a new feature "AI Assist" for ChatGPT integration in its e-learning system "learningBOX". In this article, we introduce an interview with learningBOX members about automatic generation of content including quiz and exam.

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