How can AI Improve your Workplace Efficiency?
-Automating Content Creation-

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To the e-learning system "learningBOX",An "AI Assist" feature for ChatGPT collaboration will be available (scheduled for release on September 20, 2023).This is a great opportunity to try out this function for easy and safe use of AI.

In this issue, we asked learningBOX members to cooperate with us and experience "AI Assist" firsthand. This article presents an interview about "automatic generation of teaching materials (quiz and test generation).

For an interview about "Report Analysis." here

What is "AI Assist" in learningBOX?

I would like to reiterate the AI assist function.

Report Analysis...AI analyzes submitted reports based on model answers. Feedback comments are automatically generated to assist in the report grading process.

Automatic generation of teaching materials (quiz/test generation, memorization card generation)...It will be possible to automatically generate quizzes and memorization cards with a single click from videos, PDF materials, website URLs, etc. uploaded to learningBOX.

This enables time savings in creating time-consuming questions and grading reports, and assists in the smooth operation of online in-house training and school education.

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I used the automatic generation of teaching materials (quiz and test generation)! Interviews

Members of the information security team were interviewed for this issue.

Project Manager, Specification Design Section, Product Planning Department and Information Security Team, Administration Department Torii

Before the interview, I would like to introduce a little about learningBOX's information security system.

About the security system of learningBOX
We have established an Information Security Committee and are continuously working on various security enhancements to ensure that our customers can use our services with peace of mind.

For more information on security measures, please contact here

In this case, we asked the participants to use the automatic generation of teaching materials (quiz and test generation) for a situation in which they would create a test of understanding of the security handbook in an information security training program for all employees.

What is Information Security Training...
This training is one of learningBOX's new employee training and regular training programs, and includes approximately 50 documents, regulations, and procedures. The security handbook used in this training is updated once a year. Regular training is also conducted every year in conjunction with the update.

What are some of the challenges that in-house training staff have had in creating educational materials?

What are some of the challenges you have had in managing information security training?

Torii:The Information Security Committee conducts training and comprehension tests once a year when the security handbook is updated, but some people in the company suggested that the frequency of information security training should be increased. However, there was an opinion from within the company that the frequency of information security training should be increased a little more.

However, I was currently working on security-related tasks concurrently with my regular duties, and even if I wanted to increase the number of training sessions, I was unable to find the time to do so. I thought that if I could reduce the amount of time required to create educational materials and tests, I would be able to solve the problem.

The psychological burden of creating test questions is reduced as AI creates the base!

How was your experience with the actual automatic generation of teaching materials (quiz and test generation)? What were the good points?

Torii:I felt that it would reduce my workload since I do not have to come up with test content myself from scratch. However, there are still issues with the accuracy of the test questions created by the AI, so it will be necessary to make corrections by hand.

Still, considering the increased frequency of training, it would be difficult to create a number of tests myself, so having the AI create the initial base for me is a great way to reduce the psychological burden. It would also be nice to be presented with not only the test questions, but also the contents of the correct and incorrect answer choices.

It's surprisingly hard to think of a wrong answer.

Torii:Yes, I agree. It is helpful because it was a point that took quite a bit of time to work out subtle mistakes, etc!

▼ Quiz and test generation is also so speedy!

Is there anything else that could be improved by using AI Assist?

Torii:Currently, we outsource the production of training materials and test questions related to the security handbook, but with the recent increase in the number of members, we believe that if we can use the automatic generation of the new handbook, it will be possible to produce the materials in-house. If we are able to produce the materials in-house, we will be able to reduce costs.

Automatic generation of educational materials could also be used to disseminate internal rules!

You tried using it in an information security training situation this time, but what other situations could you use the automatic generation of teaching materials in?

Torii:I thought it would be easy to create tests when we want to inform people about internal rules, regardless of information security. For example, networking and compliance. In my position, I am often consulted or asked questions by employees, and I thought that preparing a test for each internal rule would deepen the understanding of individuals and reduce the number of inquiries.

What were your concerns and points for improvement?

Were there any areas of concern or areas you would like to see improved after actually using the system?

Torii:Currently, the automatic generation of teaching materials only allows the selection of a question format, so it would be easier to use if there were more variations, such as sorting questions or fill-in-the-blank questions.

Also, it would be even better if the difficulty level of the quizzes/tests to be created could be selected. For example, if we wanted to increase the frequency of information security training, I thought it would be easier to learn if we could conduct basic tests at first and increase the difficulty level as the number of sessions increases.

Although it would be difficult for AI to observe the difficulty level, I think it would be possible to adjust the difficulty level if there are more variations in the question format. More to the point, it would be ideal to be able to create quizzes/tests that match the proficiency level of the students. I think this would be an even more practical function.

In terms of my concern, this time I used PDF materials to create tests with AI, and there was a difference in the accuracy of test generation depending on whether the original PDF data was Word or PowerPoint. In this case, I felt that Word was more compatible with AI.

Specifically, what do you mean?

Torii:The security handbook was converted from the original data, which was PowerPoint, to PDF, and the test was created by AI. Actually, we tried it on another document, the Information Security Procedures Manual. The original data of the Information Security Procedures Manual is in Word. When we converted it to PDF and then created a test with AI, the latter information security procedure document was more accurate in test generation.

Perhaps, we felt that Word was easier for the AI to read and more accurate because of the greater amount of information in the reading material. On the other hand, PowerPoint, by its nature, has many headings and illustrations, and the text is often expressed in a straightforward manner, which may reduce the accuracy of test generation.

I see. That may be a new view. Finally, do you actually want to use this function in your business in the future?

Torii:Yes, I would like to use it. I would love to use it. It is hard to think up and create test questions from scratch by myself, so I would like to wisely use the help of AI. Thanks to the automatic generation of teaching materials, I can now think positively about increasing the frequency of training.

It is good to be able to achieve what I have always wanted to do but could not.

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In this issue, you have seen an interview with Torii about the automatic generation of teaching materials (quiz and test generation).

He said that AI plays the role of assisting, and that it is essential for people to direct and make corrections; it would be wonderful if, by making good use of AI, issues that have not been solved due to manpower problems can be resolved one by one.

Although there are still issues to be addressed regarding the accuracy of the AI, we are confident that it will be useful as an assistant in online employee training, education, and human resource development, as was the case with Torii.

presentQuizGeneratorAI will automatically generate a quiz by simply entering a short subject or a URL that contains the content of the quiz on the page ofEasy quiz generation with AIWe hope you will enjoy the AI experience here as well until the release of the AI Assist function in September.

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How can AI Improve your Workplace Efficiency?
-Automating Employee Onboarding-

learningBOX Corporation is releasing a new feature "AI Assist" for ChatGPT integration in its e-learning system "learningBOX". In this issue, we have asked for the cooperation of our internal members and introduce an interview about the "Report Analysis" of AI Assist.

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