Paper based learning`s disadvantages and implementation of our learningBOX,lms.(紙媒体のデメリットとlearningBOXを導入するべき理由)

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This is Kodai Takahashi, an International division in Tatsuno Joho system.
Today, I would like to mention the advantages of the e-learning system over the paper-based learning and our service, learningBOX as a solution for the disadvantages of an e-learning system.


    • 1. Cause of slow transition to e-learning implementation despite its advantages
    • 2. Advantages of e-learning system and downside of paper-based learning
    • 3. learnigBOX as a solution for e-learning system disadvantages
    • 4. Announcement

1. Cause of slow transition to e-learning implementation despite its advantages

In recent days, ed tech is a growing field in Japan to reform paper-based education to the online one. However, the transition is far from the rapid. The traditional paper form is still primary use for most of the education field despite the fact of the rapid growth of the IT technology.
There are tons of pros about the use of online learning for the education industry such as reduction of cost, storage, physical demand as well as improvement for content flexibility, etc. However, even if they have PCs in their school or working station, the educational department manager or teacher chooses to use the paper form as the first choice due to lack of technical knowledge for operation, expensive first installation cost and setting difficulty.

Although, paper-based learning is only effective for the short term. In the long run, switching to e-learning is way more advantageous not only for users but also for administrators and managers. There are numerous benefits for online learning such as accessibility, cost-effectiveness, secure, smart and scalability than paper form.

2.Advantages of e-learning and downside of paper-based learning

1. Online learning is enabling users to access anywhere and anytime.

You need your students or employees physically being located at a particular venue at a particular time.

it is quite inconvenient for most people since it costs extra time and effort to commute to the location.

Online learning simply eliminates those. You require your personal laptop with wifi access and access the content anywhere and anytime you would like. Moreover, unlike physical lecture or class, you can pause, resume, repeat, subtitles and control the speed of content which is impossible to do by paper form.

2. Cost-effective

Printing cost seems to be cheap but it is not in reality.
For instance, let`s assume you are a teacher who has 40 students in your classroom does a one-page long mini test per-week aside from a two-page length mid and end semester examination for one year. The cost of paper is 5 yen and you are printing always one sided with no color that costs approx.10400 yen per year. It seems to be cheap, However, we need to consider, it does not include the cost of the printer, the storage, and the other stationary cost as well as replacement for loss/damage.

Moreover, you cannot forget the labor cost is huge because they require a lot of time to carry the paper and to file documents correctly or sometimes they require to file for misfiled documents back and forth. That causes another extra cost for the company or school. Eventually, It easily costs more than we are imagined.

online-learning does not require any of the above which is the profound cost reduction for the company or school.

3. Easy to manage user data or to monitor the user access

Another instance is monitoring user activity and data.
You cannot monitor their activity and user data instantly with the paper form. You need to get around the venue from start to end repeatedly to monitor their activity. Is it ideal for monitoring the data? The answer is no.
Also managing user data is another troublesome. You need to search and gather a number of files in order to see the individual data if the user data is filed incorrectly it becomes a nightmare.

Online learning stores the data to the Cloud or online data storage and easy to monitor the activity by accessing logs and managing the user data. There is no need to hustle for unnecessary piles of the paper document anymore.

4. Flexible setting for learning contents

the use of the paper has a limitation for the type of data input which is only capable of 2d plain. Otherwise, you need to insert the image manually or drawing a diagram by hand. Even you solve those issues, you cannot insert any video or audio format into the question. You need other devices with you that cost physically and financially. Most of the time, Students or trainees require visual and graphical ques for more understanding.

Online learning can give users more flexibility to study material content.

5. High security

Maybe most of the people consider the paper as the most secure method. However, it is not the case since there is no password you can set on the paper. Therefore, no one knows who is accessing the document. Additionally, what if the paper with user data is lost while transporting the document. You could wish a genuine person pick it up and take it to the lost item section in the facility. It is far from secure but online learning you can set the password and restrict the access right for the user under your monitor.

3.learnigBOX as a solution for e-learning system disadvantages

Until now, I mentioned the benefit of switching to the online learning system from the paper form.

Despite the outstanding benefit of online learning, there is some downside of it that are the initial installation cost, the need for technical knowledge and set-up difficulty.

Most of the online learning system is too expensive for most of the small-medium size enterprises where are under a tight budget for their employee training or teaching for their students, as well as they are lacking technical knowledge makes them hesitate to implement the online learning system. Moreover, set-up difficulty seems to be one of the biggest obstacles to online learning implementation.

As a solution, our service learningBOX has been developed which only costs 3000 yen with 100 user account per year with simple UI operation such as drag and drop of the file in the quiz creation-form with no requirement for programming experience or computer proficiency.

We aim for anyone who can access e-learning for their productive learning.
Our learningBOX is now supported by the AWS ed start program now.

4. Announcement

We are officially sponsored by AWS ed start now. AWS ed start program is
“AWS EdStart, the AWS educational technology (EdTech) startup accelerator, is designed to help entrepreneurs build the next generation of online learning, analytics, and campus management solutions on the AWS Cloud. The program is designed to enable EdTech startups to move faster with specially tailored benefits.

Technology plays a key role in many classrooms, institutions, and learning environments, and AWS EdStart helps EdTech entrepreneurs build solutions that are secure, smart, scalable, and cost-effective. If your company has big dreams or a big vision for revolutionizing education apply for AWS EdStart. You can build your solution on a scalable platform used by many other leading EdTech companies. AWS EdStart is designed to help your business grow and scale rapidly”

Tatsuno information system improves the service quality and customer satisfaction each time. The AWS ed start program pushes our growth further in the future.


龍野情報システム 海外戦略室担当の高橋です。



  • 1. eラーニングの導入が進まない背景
  • 2. 管者側から見たeラーニングのメリット
  • 3. eラーニング導入への障害とlearningBOX導入のメリット
  • 4. アナウンス

1. eラーニングの導入が進まない背景



2. 管者側から見たeラーニングのメリット

1. オンライン学習は、紙、プリンター、ストレージなどの費用がかかりません。


例えばあなたが、40人の学生達の教師であると仮定します。小テストを片面印刷で週に1回、さらに中間テストと期末試験(それぞれ2枚づつ)を印刷します。紙のコストは5円とすると、(5円×48回 + 5円×2回×2枚) × 40人= 年間約10400円の費用がかります。一見安価ですが、印刷ミスや紛失時にための予備、プリンターのコスト、保管場所の確保等のコストは含んでいません。



2. ユーザーデータのアクティビティ監視と管理が困難



3. コンテンツの柔軟性

紙媒体では、基本2次元の平面でしかデータ入力はできません。 それ以外の場合は、画像を手動で挿入するか、図を自分で描く必要があります。

4. 高いセキュリティー性




3. eラーニング導入への障害とlearningBOX導入のメリット



その解決策として、eラーニングシステム learningBOX はプログラミング経験を必要とせず、クイズ作成フォームでテキストを入力するだけの簡単な操作で問題が作成できます。費用も年間100ユーザーアカウントで30000円の費用で利用できます。
ここまで手頃な価格で かつ、よりシンプルで機能性のあるeラーニングシステムは他に類をみません。どうぞ、一度お試し下さい。

4. アナウンス

この度AWS EdStartが龍野情報システムの公式なスポンサーとなりました
このAWS Edstartは、Amazonが主催するedtechスタートアップの支援を主な目的としており、公式サイトには
「AWS教育テクノロジ(edTech)のスタートアップアクセラレータであるAWS EdStartは、起業家が次世代のオンライン学習、分析、およびキャンパス管理ソリューションをAWSクラウド上で構築できるように設計されています。
AWS Edstartは、edTechの起業家が安全でスマート、スケーラブル、そして費用対効果の高いソリューションを構築するのに役立ちます。
あなたの会社が大きな夢を持っているか、または教育を革命化するという大きなビジョンを持っているならば、AWS EdStartに申し込みをしてください。
AWS EdStartは、あなたのビジネスが急速に成長し拡大するのを助けるように設計されています。」

是非弊社eラーニングシステム learningBOXの導入をご検討ください。


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