Memorization Strategies
How to Create a Workbook Online

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Repetitive learning is a well-known method for effective memorization strategies. This is because repeating practices results in enhancing long-term memories, remembering things more easily. Fill-in-the-blank is one of the question formats often used in examinations. The advantage of this format is that memories can be deepened while understanding content within the sentences or paragraphs. These repetitive-focused strategies will be a big help not only for your job but examinations, and we explore fill-in-the-blank and show/hide workbooks in this article. The way you use these methods is very simple: just hide the part you want to memorize and check if you have memorized it or not. By repeating these activities, memories can be deepened while boosting understanding.

Now, let us focus on how to create the workbooks using a learning management system (LMS). Why don’t you unlock your memory with the power of digital technology?

Create a fill-in-the-blank workbook

In fill-in-the-blank workbooks, some keywords or specific items are shown as blank and learners are required to answer them. In general, short answers or multiple choices are used for this type of question.

Even though some software including spreadsheets can be used to create the workbooks, LMSs will make it more effective in that they allow users not only to create and deliver content but also track learners’ scores all in one environment.

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What is learningBOX?

learningBOX is an award-winning SaaS, allowing users to manage content, users and scores online. The system offers all-in-one solutions with a wide variety of functionality, and users can create content intuitively and effectively. The following explains how to create a fill-in-the-blank workbook with learningBOX.

Create a fill-in-the-blank workbook using a creation form

Follow the below five steps:

  • Sign-in to learningBOX
  • Access to Manage contents on the side menu
    *Create a courseCreating a course folder.
  • Click the course you have created
    Click the + icon > Content > Quiz/exam > Create quiz
  • Enter a title and set options if necessary
  • Click on Edit quiz and select Fill-in-the-blank in the list

Quiz/exam creation form

Quiz/exam creation form on learningBOX consists of two elements.

  • Options: users can set detailed options including the number of questions, question order and displaying correct/incorrect answers
  • Quiz: users can create quiz/exam. Click the + button to add more questions.

Read more about how to use a Quiz/exam creation form from here.

Show/hide workbook

Show/hide workbook is one of the learningBOX’s versatile quiz types. It is designed to focus on memorization strategies, and easy to check the parts that you want to memorize. Users can intuitively create and edit the workbooks on learningBOX without deep IT knowledge.

The following steps introduce how to create a show/hide workbook on learningBOX. A quiz about the solar system is shown as an example.

  • Sign-in to learningBOX
  •  Access to Manage contents
  • Click the course you have created
  •  Click the + icon > Content > Show/hide workbook > Create

Example: Solar System

  • MercuryThe Sun : the closest planet to the Sun and the smallest planet in the Solar system
  • Venus: has a thick silicate mantle around an iron core and a substantial atmosphere
  • Earth: has one natural satellite, the Moon
  • Mars: Its red color comes from iron oxide (rust) , while the polar regions show white ice caps
  • Jupiter: composed largely of hydrogen and helium
  • Saturn (planet): distinguished by its extensive ring system which is made up of small ice and rock particles
  • Uranus: has the lowest mass of the outer planets
  • Neptune: accompanied in its orbit by several minor planets that either lead or trail the planet

Copy and paste the above text on the creation form.

Advantage of Show/hide workbook on learningBOX

  • Easy to create workbook for review
  • Text color and size are changeable, and images can be inserted
  • Supported multi-devices including PCs, tablets and smartphones
  • Created content is sharable with registered users

This show/hide workbook empowers repetitive learning, fostering knowledge consolidation required for daily tasks or examinations. Learners can input and output repetitively while checking if he or she has memorized the part or not. This online learning results in an efficient review process, and worth trying if you are interested.

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In this article, we explored the two learningBOX functionalities: fill-in-the-blanks and show/hide workbook. Some writing softwares and spreadsheet softwares provide functionalities to create above quizzes, however, high efficiency is not expected in that users need to print out to deliver the materials to other members. Furthermore, there may be some cases where users are required to install another system to share the content. learningBOX’s all-in-one solution offers effective management online, allowing users to create and deliver content in addition to managing scores.

learningBOX offers a Free Plan for up to 10 accounts without expiry date. It contains almost all of the functionalities of paid plans and it will be worth trying.

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