Adopted by JICA's Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and SDGs Business Support Project

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  • (1) Adopted in the first "SME/SDGs Business Support Project" for fiscal year 2020
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Adopted in the first "SME/SDGs Business Support Project" for fiscal 2020

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is pleased to announce that we have been selected as one of the applicants for the first "SME/SDGs Business Support Program" for fiscal year 2020.A basic study on the introduction of e-learning to support self-study for technical education diploma (Pakistan)We are pleased to report that the following has been adopted


What is the SDGs Business Support Project?

Have you seen the term "SDGs" (SDGs) in newspapers and all over the city lately?
The "SME/SDGs Business Support Project" that our company was selected for this time is related to the "SDGs" and, to put it simply, it is a project to support the overseas expansion of companies by utilizing the "SDGs".

This project aims to solve the problems of developing countries and help companies to expand their business overseas, thereby revitalizing the Japanese economy by using their excellent technologies, products and ideas. It is hoped that the program will help to revitalize local economies in each region by being widely used by companies across the country.

 Excerpt from the JICA website


About our project

We selected South Asia, where the IT market is expanding, and Pakistan, where the market size is expected to grow in the future, with a population of 212 million and an average age of 23.5 years. Pakistan has close geographical and cultural ties with Middle Eastern countries, and Pakistan is a good starting point for expansion into the Middle East and neighboring Asian countries, and as a Japanese e-learning system company, we will do our utmost to support Pakistan's transition to IT education. We will continue to negotiate with JICA for the conclusion of the contract.

JICA news release URL and some excerpts

By matching the development needs of developing countries with the superior products and technologies of Japanese private companies, this project aims to solve the problems faced by developing countries and to strengthen bilateral relations and further promote economic relations through ODA, by promoting "businesses that contribute to the achievement of the SDGs (SDG businesses)" and developing countries.


About the future

We will continue to work toward our goal of "an e-learning system that allows anyone to easily build a web-based learning environment," looking not only at Japan but also at the world, so that we can play a role in creating more educational opportunities, including this case.

I want to know more about JICA! If you are interested in this, please check out this page as well.
About JICA

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