What are the key elements of a training manual for new employees?

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What are the key elements of a training manual for new employees?

Preparing a manual is essential for promoting the training of new employees.
However, if you have no experience in creating training manuals, it is not uncommon to wonder how to create them.

When creating a training manual for new employees, understand what to include and what points to make in order to create an effective manual.
This article explains the importance of preparing a manual for new employee training, the contents that should be included, and points to consider when creating one.
We will also introduce how to implement training for new employees, so if you are in charge of human resources and training at your company, please refer to this article.



The Importance of Preparing Manuals for New Employee Training

The importance of preparing a manual for training new employees includes the following two points.

To train new employees to become work-ready personnel
The reason why companies provide training to new employees is to have them grow up to be competitive as quickly as possible. By creating a manual, new employees can learn on their own.
If new employees have a clear picture of their work in advance, they will have a better understanding when the trainer provides supplementary training through classroom lectures.

To ensure uniformity in the quality of education
Training new employees is a burdensome task for the trainer.
Especially in the case of new graduates, it is necessary to educate them on a wide range of topics such as business etiquette, and in some cases, more than one person may be required to conduct the training.
If there is no manual when training multiple people, there may be cases where the content taught differs from person to person. As a result, the new employee may become confused. It is important to prepare a training manual so that the quality of training will be uniform regardless of who teaches it.


What to include in a training manual for new employees

A training manual for new employees must include a variety of content.
Among them, the following five must be included.

Basic business etiquette
Corporate Philosophy and Vision
Overview of operations
How to maintain motivation
IT skills

This section explains the details of each of these.

Basic business etiquette

The first thing that should be educated is business etiquette. In order to live as a member of society, you are required to follow many business manners.
In addition to the correct use of honorifics and taking phone calls, include information that will make them aware of being a member of society, such as how to hand out business cards.
It is also very necessary to convey the importance of "reporting, communication, and consultation.

Corporate Philosophy and Vision

You must share with your new employees what kind of philosophy the company has in existence.
As a member of the company, be sure to tell the new employee what kind of thinking you want them to have while working for you.
It is essential to share not only the philosophy but also the vision of the company. Having a clear vision of what the company is trying to achieve will help unify the direction that new employees should have.

Overview of operations

Try to give an overall picture of what kind of work the new employee will be responsible for so that they can get an idea of what to expect.
One of the advantages of providing a complete picture is that you will gain a better understanding of not only your own department, but also other departments.
More detailed information on work procedures need not be included in the new employee manual.
Prepare a separate manual detailing business procedures to promote training.

How to Maintain Motivation

New employees often struggle with various aspects of the job, and there are many situations where they may find it difficult to maintain their motivation. It is important to include information on how to maintain motivation, as a lack of motivation can affect the quality of work and even lead to turnover.
When actually describing the situation, refer to the opinions of employees who have been with the company for two to three years to make the content realistic for new employees. Try to address points that new employees are likely to worry about, such as how you overcame difficult times.

IT Skills

When you work as a member of society, you basically use a computer most of the time. In addition to the basic operation of the computer, if there are chat tools or other tools that you use for work, describe how to use them.
Since IT skills are essential, it is necessary to have new employees actually operate the computers.


The key to creating an easy-to-understand training manual

If you want to create an easy-to-understand training manual, there are three points to keep in mind.

Don't use jargon.

If technical terms are used in training manuals for new employees, it may take time for the new employees to look up the technical terms, and the training may not go well.
Try to avoid using jargon, as it creates a burden for both the new employee and the trainer.
If the content is difficult to explain without using technical terms, it is important to add an explanation of the terms. This will make the manual easier to understand and kinder to the reader, since there will be no time to look up the terms.

Make the structure easy to understand.

In order to increase the effectiveness of education using manuals, the structure must also be considered.
New employees will find it easier to learn on their own if the document is structured in such a way that they can quickly go back to the part they want to learn, for example by including page numbers or a table of contents.

If you want to make it easier to understand, we recommend using tables and illustrations as needed. A manual with only text may be painful for new employees. However, if the manual is easy to read visually, it will motivate them to learn, and better training effects can be expected.

Update the content as needed.

In some cases, the content of the manual may seem perfect to the person in charge of training, but to the person receiving the training, the manual may seem inadequate. After the training of new employees is complete, ask for feedback on the content and readability of the manual.
In addition, the IT skills and other skills required of working adults change with the times. It is important to update the content of the manual as needed to ensure that the content is appropriate for the times.

How to conduct training for new employees

There are three main ways to conduct training for new employees.

This is a method in which the new employees to be trained gather in one place and the training is conducted mainly through classroom lectures.
The advantage of this system is that it reduces the burden on the trainers, since they can provide training to a large number of people at once. At present, many companies are foregoing group training for the Corona disaster.

On-the-job training is a method of gaining practical experience in the workplace, rather than classroom training; when incorporated regularly, on-the-job training will help new employees gain knowledge and experience that cannot be gained through classroom training alone, and will deepen their understanding of the company.

If you want to use the Internet to conduct your training, e-learning learning is the way to go.
E-learning learning uses the Internet, and learners can use their smartphones or computers to learn. It is an educational method with many advantages, including the ability to learn at any time and any place.


In this article, I explained the gimmicks of training manuals for new employees, including the importance of preparing manuals for new employee training and the contents that should be included.
When creating a manual for training new employees, include practical content so that they can be effective immediately.
In addition, it is important to update the manual periodically, rather than creating it once and then finishing it.

If you want to use e-learning to create a training manual for new employees, you can create a variety of teaching materials such as quizzes and reports. learningBOXTry it for free.

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