learningBOX has been upgraded to version 2.21

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We are very excited to announce that learningBOX has upgraded
tolearningBOX 2.21 is now available.

Now, let's try the new features on your learningBOX.

New Features


2.21 Schedule

You can create a timetable by specifying groups or users.
The created schedule can be displayed on the dashboard to inform users.
➡For more information.Schedule.".

 State of Progress

2.21 Progress

You can check the progress of each group/individual regarding the content. Results can also be exported in CSV format.
➡For more information.Progress.".

Download a list of new features from the following link.

List of New Features


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

 Contact us

We will continnue to improve our service as a customer-centric company.

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