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Thank you for using learningBOX, our e-learning creation system.
Today,LearningBOX upgraded from Ver2.6 to 2.7. is now available.

This article details Ver. 2.7.4 (released June 12, 2019), which adds a variety of new features.

About this update

In this upgrade, theThe medical record function and the tagging function.In addition to key new features such asImprovements to existing functions such as "Worm Notebook" and "Member ManagementMany features have been added, including

Now, let me introduce the 2.7 series version upgrade in detail.

 Tag function


Making learning more adaptive.

By using the tagging feature, you can sort the problems intoCharacteristics of learners' performance that are difficult to tell from scores alonewill be visible.
By tagging the questions in advance, theWe can analyze each person's areas of weakness and strengths. 
The following "chart function" uses these "tags" to analyze and display results.

 Progress record

Progress record

You can track your "progress."

The medical record function allowsHow much each user is learning each day and how far they have progressedYou can check the
This allows us to monitor the learning status of each individual and provide more adaptive learner support.

Other new features and functional improvements

Enhanced email notification function

You can be notified by e-mail of "Notices" that appear on My Page.
You can send a single email to learners whose conditions have been narrowed down from the Score Management screen.


The certificate can be designed to your original design.
You can check the list of certificates.

Show/Hide Workbook

You can add a "memorized check".

Manage Members

Re-issue function of invitation mail
Account expiration date function

Content management, addition and improvement of various functions

PDF print prohibition function
The function that can be duplicated by right-clicking
Attachment Materials
Expanded input fields on web page/worm note

 Dedicated Server

This is mainly a new feature for those who have customized option contracts, but various new functions have been added and improved for EC functions, and as a response to companies that have institutional systems, it is now possible to link API for login and results.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

 Contact us

We will continue to listen to our customers and improve the functionality of the site to make it even more comfortable to use.
Thank you for your continued support of LearningBOX/QuizGenerator.

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