Learning in Skilled Time [Microlearning].

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Learning in Skilled Time [Microlearning].

Hello! I'm Kinoshita, our CS manager, who has recently come to prefer fish to meat.
The theme of the first memorable post is Trends in LearningMicrolearning., will be one of the solutions for employees both at home and abroad.



  • 1. what is microlearning?
  • 2. three benefits of microlearning
  • 3. summary

What is microlearning?

Microlearning is a style of learning that uses mobile devices to study material in a casual manner in a short period of time.The following table shows the
Learning time is generally completed in 3-10 minutes.
The traditional learning style is usually 30 minutes to an hour or more of learning volume, and you have to sit down at home on your computer for a large amount of time.
In comparison, microlearning involvesTime off from work or school, time off from housework or until your part-time job.You can use the
It's a great way to learn for modern people who don't have a lot of time to spare in their busy lives.

By the way, YouTube, which I love, is also micro-learning.
With a lot of video content that can be played in 5-15 minutes, it's the best entertainment you can have in your skimpy time (lol).

Three Benefits of Microlearning

Learning to make the most of your spare time


Microlearning has short learning time (3 to 10 minutes), so you can learn in your spare time, such as during travel time, breaks, and in between schedules.

It is an easy way to engage in learning as opposed to voluminous studies that require a lot of time.
Coupled with mobile devices (M-Learning), the advantage is that it eliminates the time and place constraints.

Making Learning a Habit


Since the amount of time spent studying each material is short, the hurdle to continuing learning is low, and we can expect to make learning a habit through continuity.
Our Learning Management System  learningBOX You can use the following to divide the material into shorter unitsRepeatedly studying a specific unit of material that the learner is interested in or struggles withYou can do this.
In addition, the combination of the grade management function makes it possible to analyze trends in the areas in which each learner is weak.

Easy to create and update teaching materials


It takes a great deal of effort to create materials that are about an hour in volume, but it is easier to create shorter materials that are about 10 minutes long.
Moreover,Short materials make it easy to update.It is. For example, rather than volume worksheets on "Taxation", "Sales Tax" and other disaggregated worksheets can be updated more quickly when the tax rate changes.

3. Summary

Microlearning is a current method of learning that is appropriate for today's society.
There are three reasons for this: learning in gimmick time, making learning a habit, and the ease of creating and updating teaching materials.
With the advent of 5G communication technology, microlearning using mobile devices will continue to advance further.It is expected that the

If you're experiencing challenges with the way employee training and distance learning is conducted, I recommend incorporating a microlearning system.

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