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Hello, I'm Motoki, the marketing manager of learningBOX, an e-learning creation system.

This is a blog written by our staff and published May-October this year 2019, we recommendE-Learning Blog PostsI'll do it!

We have a blog post on duty at our company. In this issue, we'll be looking at the blog posts we've published this May - October 2019, the number ofFifty-one!Aggregated access data for all of these blog posts, including theHere's our top, most popular articles, #1, #2, and #3!

E-Learning Blog Ranking


  • 1. 3rd place: SCORM Wrapper / Scorm Wrapper
  • No. 2: E-learning learning that can be used in schools (Part 1)
  • No. 1: Learning English using e-learning learning system
  • 4. at the end


Third place:.
SCORM Wrapper / SCORM Wrapper
(Published September 16, 2019)

SCORM Wrapper / SCORM Wrapper

The third place was awarded to our representative, Mr. Nishimura."The SCORM WrapperThis article is about.

This is an article about the SCORM Wrapper, a dream tool for making Web Forms compatible with SCORM, explaining the potential of the SCORM Wrapper based on examples of teaching materials.
At the end of the article, you can process it to create educational materials.Sample code is available for download.This is the way it is. In addition, three types of learningBOX materials, questionnaires, web pages, and insect-eating, are actually built on top of SCORMWrapper.

Our company has always beenSCORMWe have a number of articles on the subject. If you're interested, please take a look at these as well.

What is SCORM?

e-Learning Glossary What is scorm?

And now for number two!


2nd place:.
E-learning learning that can be used in schools [Part 1]
(Published June 27, 2019)

E-learning learning that can be used in schools [Part 1]

Second place went to ourPrince Blogby Mr. Kidaoka of the Marketing Department."E-learning in Schools (Part 1)", will be one of the solutions for employees both at home and abroad.
In this article, we will discuss e-learning that is useful in school education, using Tatsuno Taro, who teaches social studies at a junior high school, as a model."How to create a learning environment that reduces the burden on teachers and increases students' awareness of their studies through e-learning."This is an article that explains in a very easy-to-understand way how to use the learningBOX learning management system.

This is exactly where e-learning comes in, as it improves the burden on teachers and the challenges of teaching students by introducing e-learning.pros and consAn article to be read by school teachers, cram schools, correspondence courses, and other educational professionals.It has become a very important part of my life. And I can't wait for [part two] of this post!

And now, for the coveted number one spot!


1st place:.
Learning English with an e-learning system
(Published October 8, 2019)

Learning English with an e-learning system

The first place again goes to ourPrince Blog This is an article by Takadaoka. Title."Learning English using an e-learning system." 
In this article, we will discuss how to learn English using learningBOX, a learning management system LMS.Memorization cards, insect notes, typing materials, and quizzesand other materials available in the learningBOX.

The actual materials presented are available for download at the endYou can use it as learning contents. If you DL this and upload it to learningBOX, you can use it as learning contents. I recommend typing materials. You can practice typing on this page.

You're welcome.Articles to be read by those involved in school education and tutoring, will be one of the solutions for employees both at home and abroad.



When I look back on it like this.How to use e-learning, the current environment surrounding education, technical and professional articles related to LMS, and how to use learningBOX in connection with them, etc.seems to be a factor in its popularity.
In addition, our company has summarized the blogs published May-October of this year 2019"Golden Blogger Award."We conducted an in-house study of what would become the

Thanks to the many articles written by everyone in the company, we had a lot of fun.

↓↓ ↓ Marketing Taka Taoka who won the 1st Golden Blogger Award

We would like to continue to publish good articles that please our customers throughout the company.
I look forward to working with you in the future!

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