LearningBOX is upgraded to Ver2.13.

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About this update

Thank you for using learningBOX, our e-learning creation system.
Today,LearningBOX upgraded from Ver2.12 to 2.13. is now available.

This article details Ver. 2.13. (released January 19, 2021), which adds various new features.

Click here for a list of new and improved features.

new features functional improvement
1. Renewal of the order screen 8. English input for typing materials
2. Expanded functions of performance management notification 9. Add related content to quiz and test materials
3. Notification function of notice management 10. Input character limit function
4. Overseas support The function to specify the number of times an audio file is played.
5. GDPR-compliant login form 12. Add a question ID.
6. title tag display optimization 13. Introduction of HLS video
7. version display function of learningBOX

The "grade management" and "notification management" functions, which have been requested for some time, are now even easier and more convenient to use.
The order screen can also be operated via the Web to change plan contents and upgrade various plans from the middle of the contract period.
Many other features have been added, including improvements to existing functions.
Now, let me introduce the 2.13 series version upgrade in detail.

Renewal of the order page

learningBOX-Order screen
The order screen has been redesigned to allow various upgrades even in the middle of the contract period.
The order screen is divided according to the contents of the contract, and it is easier to operate and select than before.
In addition, the settlement procedure screen now allows you to confirm the details of your policy after the change.

Expanded functions of grade management notification

Expanded functionality of email template function
The date and time of study start, study status (grades), and test results such as pass/fail are now also displayed.
Using the email template function, an email can be automatically sent to a set email address "upon member registration, report grading completion, or study completion. The content of the email sent can be freely edited and configured, and it is possible to set the system not to send invitation emails.

Notification function of notification management

Notifications in learningBOX-Notification management

You can now register multiple links to notification notifications and fix announcements from the administrator at the top of the page.

overseas correspondence

LearningBOX - Overseas support

Customers whose residence is set outside Japan can now process payments in U.S. dollars in addition to Japanese yen.
When a new owner registers, a "Region and Language" field is added, and the date notation changes according to the place of residence at the time of account registration.

GDPR-compliant login form

You can set up a new GDPR-compliant login form.
GDPR stands for "General Data Protection Regulation" and refers to the General Data Protection Regulation enacted by the European Union on May 25, 2018, which translates to "General Data Protection Regulation" in Japanese.By setting up a GDPR-compliant login form, you can By setting up a GDPR-compliant login form, you can provide your customers with a safer and more secure e-learning experience.

Title Tag Optimization

Page titles were designed to be set to a uniform subdomain site title, but the new feature development will allow administrators to track user screen transitions with Google Analytics.

Version display function of learningBOX

A new version display function has been added.
This function allows you to see at a glance which version of learningBOX you have created.

English input for typing materials

English input has been added to the form for creating typing materials.
Questions that can be set for English input can be configured to suit the customer's usage scenario, such as sentences with mixed single-byte spaces, case sensitivity, etc.

How to add related content

New features have been added to the quiz and test.
By utilizing the Add Related Content feature, you can set content that is related to the quiz content in the commentary section.

Input character limit function

You can set a limit on the number of characters you can enter for written questions in quizzes and tests.
This function can be configured with three types of questions: "Short Answer", "Short Answer+", and "Multiple Short Answer".

Limit the number of playback of audio files

You can set a playback limit on the number of audio questions you can create for your quiz/test.

Adding a question ID

You can optionally set IDs for quiz/test questions.

Introduction of HLS video

Video can be set to HLS video.
HLS videos can be played without problems not only on Apple products such as Mac, iPhone, and Safari, but also in Windows and Android environments.
By using HLS Video, you can upload videos of appropriate quality depending on the connection conditions and device performance.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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We will continue to listen to our customers and improve the functionality of the site to make it even more comfortable to use.
Thank you for your continued support of LearningBOX/QuizGenerator.

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