How to start preparing for the national exam using e-learning.

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How to start preparing for the national exam using e-learning.

I'm Kidaoka, the marketing manager. It's almost time for the national exam. How is your preparation for the national exam going?

In this article, we will use our e-learningHow to use learningBOX to help you prepare for the national examinations in the medical fieldWe will introduce you to the following.

Due to the impact of the spread of the new coronavirus, face-to-face direct teaching has become difficult, and each student is unable to study satisfactorily.
The learningBOX makes it easy for anyone to create a learning environment on the Internet.

In addition to creating learning materials for the national examinations, learningBOX allows students to create their own original learning materials and publish them on the web according to their learning level and group.

With our e-learning program, you can study outside of class time, or even during a short gap or while traveling."Efficient and effective.You can proceed with the preparation for the national examination in
Repetition learning using e-learning is necessary to solve the real exam.A highly recommended learning method for preparing and reviewing basic knowledge., will be one of the solutions for employees both at home and abroad.


  • 1. what is learningBOX?
  • Preparation for the national examination using the learningBOX
  • 3. The reality and agony of preparing for the national examination at Corona Damages
  • 4. Summary


What the hell is a learningBOX?

learningBOX"Registering learners, creating and assigning materials, and managing grades.A learning management system that covers all the functions necessary for online learning, such as the following, with a focus on price and ease of use(LMS), will be one of the solutions for employees both at home and abroad.

An LMS (Learning Management System) is a system that creates, registers, and distributes learning materials necessary for implementing online learning, and can manage learners' learning progress and grades.

▼learningBOX usage guide (describes the sequence of events)

e-learning box

Our eLearning is very simple to use and set up, and is designed to be easy to use, even for first-time users!
LearningBOX Operation Manual

learningBOX is an easy-to-use e-learning system for both administrators and learners!
Since learners can basically study alone, they can proceed with their studies at their own pace without worrying about the eyes of others.
As you can see in the capture below, the learner opens the folder containing the materials and clicks on the content inside to continue learning.


▼ Learners receive an "ID and password" from the administrator, log in to learningBOX, and start learning.



Here are the content features you can create and configure in learningBOX

You can create and configure teaching materials from a total of more than 15 content functions.

learningbox-content features

How to start a learningBOX

STEP1: Let's make learning materials.
All of the materials that can be created in learningBOX are set up from the Content Management screen.
For more information, please see this article.


STEP2.Let's register and add a member.
This article explains how to invite members to learningBOX and how to create and set up a group.


STEP 3. How to check your learning status
With learningBOX, you can see who answered which questions and how they answered them in the results management screen, and you can also download the information as CSV.
This page explains how to use and view the learningBOX grade management.

LearningBOX manages the learning status on the server, so you can check the learner's learning status in real time.

National exam preparation using learningBOX

If you're taking a national exam in the medical field."Knowledge of the structure and function of the human body, names of diseases, and drugs used to treat them.etc.Broad knowledge of patient care and lifeYou have to learn the The national examinations in the medical field have a wide range of questions and many difficult technical terms.

Even if you only remember the words, there are many questions that you cannot answer unless you have the meaning and content down.
With learningBOX, you can efficiently memorize and understand the basics and key words needed to solve exam questions.

No.1: Memorization cards and insect-eating notebooks specialized for memorizing words and long sentences

National Exam Preparation - Memorization

The memorization cards can be edited to your liking in terms of font size and color, and images can also be inserted. It's a great tool for reviewing and relearning the basics needed to solve national exam questions. You can create as many memorization cards as you like.

National Examination Preparation - Nursing - Basic Subjects

Bug-eating notebooks allow you to easily create memorization questions in text format. You can easily create and edit your original memorization materials by adding insect-eating circles to the contents you want to remember.

No.2: Use the quiz function to check your understanding of the study content and retention of the basics

Anatomy - Quiz

With the quiz feature of learningBOX, you can "set images, videos and links in the question text and choices".
Other customization options include randomizing the order in which quizzes are presented, not showing learners the answers, changing the language in the system, and much more.
List of options that can be set in the quiz function

Repetition learning using e-learning is a very effective way of learning, as it helps to consolidate memory and increase the percentage of correct answers to past questions!
By using the quiz function of learningBOX, you can find your weak points by collecting data on the number of correct answers in your weak and strong subjects.

No.3: Reuse school prints and documents as teaching materials in PDF format

E-Learning - PDF Materials

With learningBOX, you can upload PDF documents created in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
Utilize Google Slides as e-learning contents

The learningBOX has course study settings!

eLearning - Course Study
With learningBOX, you can set up courses for teaching materials, distribute teaching materials to different groups, and more.
It has the ability to set a "course" that allows you to move on to the next question if you pass a particular question. If you don't pass a question and understand it, you can't move on to the next one.

You can set constraint conditions such as "- - You can move on to the next level after answering/viewing up to this level - - -" or "- - You can move on to the next level after passing this level - - -". You can set constraints such as
You can also use this feature to send certificates to members who have completed the content or passed a specific question.


▼ Sample materials for national exam questions (memorization cards, insect notes, quizzes)
Sample teaching materials are prepared. Clicking on 00 memorization cards, 00 insect-eating notebooks, and 00 tests will launch the player, allowing you to actually manipulate the contents.

National Exam Preparation - Nurses

National Nursing Examination Memorization cards for anatomy Ear, Nose, and Throat Worming Notes Challenge an anatomy test.
National Pharmacy Technician Examination Pharmacology Memorization Cards Worm-eaten notes on pharmacology Challenge yourself with a test on pharmacology
Co-medical (PT, OT, ST) Kinematics Memorization Cards Kinesiology's bugbear note Challenge yourself with a test on kinesiology


The realities and tribulations of preparing for the national examinations at Corona Damages

▼ Concerns of school personnel: .........

Teacher's problemNational Exam - School  
There are many roles and duties that one teacher is in charge of, and he or she is making materials in a limited amount of time.
I'm teaching a class with the fear that I'm going to get a corona at any moment.
Face-to-face classes are difficult and it is difficult to grasp each person's level of understanding.
I don't know the amount of study, time and progress of students every day.
It is difficult to support students who have already graduated.

▼Problems of students taking the exam: .........

Concerns of new graduates and former graduates  
The make-up classes and national exam preparation classes are different from previous years, and wasted students cannot participate in the classes.
The library and study rooms are not satisfactory. (including school, city, and private)
There is no environment to ask questions, so I have to do it alone.
It's hard to stay motivated when you don't talk to anyone for too long.
I have a strong fear that I won't be able to take the exam if I get corona before the national exam.

You may have a wide range of problems such as

learningBOX makes it easy for anyone to start learning online!

With the learningBOX, you can prepare for the national exam while protecting yourself from the coronavirus and efficiently learning the knowledge you need to pass.

Advantages for teachers

With learningBOX's performance management function, you can quantify and visualize your weak points! ⇒ You can easily identify your weaknesses and strengths.
The grade management screen allows for detailed analysis and scrutiny of knowledge retention and understanding.
Able to set report assignments
Manage members at the grade, class and group level
Students can create their own teaching materials, which will help them to review and improve their learning methods, and to prepare and review for the next year and beyond.

▼ Benefits for learners

You don't have to go to school to prepare for the national examinations, you can crunch your way through it on your smartphone.
You can prep and review as many times as you like at any time without worrying about what others think.
You can extract your strong/weak subjects from your score data.
You can use learning tools that focus on input and output.

Tatsuno Information System Co., Ltd. is developing to provide services that will be appreciated by all kinds of customers, both individuals and corporations. No matter how small, please consult with us first. We will realize your ideas with the power of EdTech.


learningbox-web meeting

As a tool to help managers learn, please contact us if we can help you with internal training, new employee training, school learning, or individual learning management.
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In this article, we introduced how to use our e-learning system, learningBOX, to help you prepare for the national examinations in the medical field.
With our e-learning system, you can study outside of class time, and even during small gaps and travel time, you can "efficiently and effectively" prepare for the national exam.

Repetition study using e-learning is a highly recommended method of learning to build up the fundamentals needed to solve the real exam.

The learningBOX can be used by up to 10 people, including the administrator, for an unlimited period of time with almost all functions free of charge, except for the optional functions that require a fee. Please take this opportunity to try our learningBOX.

▼ We also recommend this one! Also read "Easy-to-work-on system visibly improves results!"

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