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We are very excited to announce that learningBOX has upgraded to Ver. 2.25 adding new functions
in 7 items and 13 types, as well as functional modifications to make the system more user-friendly.
Now, let's try the new features on your learningBOX.

Recommended New Features

Multilingual support (+15 languages)

In addition to Japanese, English and Vietnamese, 15 languages have been added.
*For more details, refer to Multilingual support.

 Assessment tags

Admin can evaluate learners' performance in detail from tags attached to the quiz/exam.
*For more details, refer to Assessment tags.

New Features

The following is a list of the new features added to learningBOX ver. 2.25:

  1. Personality test
  2. Score chart
  3.  Assessment tags
  4. Grading settings
  5. Grading workflow
  6. Grading status
  7. Answer Details
  8. Grading
  9. Group role settings
  10. Direct message
  11. OS/browser compatibility settings
  12.  Multilingual support
  13. Manage training

For more details, download the following file:

List of New Features


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

 Contact us

We will continnue to improve our service as a customer-centric company.

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