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Release Date :

  • Human resources development

Release Date :

Mr. Yasuhiro Mori

Issues and Reasons for Introduction
  • Difficult for all staff with different work schedules to participate in group training
  • Lending of training DVDs alone is not enough to grasp the level of understanding of each participant.
  • I don't know what materials to prepare for online training.
Solution / Effect
  • Flexible learning environment could be created at any time and any place.
  • Enables students to grasp their grades and level of understanding at a glance, and provides detailed support.
  • Recordings of lectures are uploaded and used as video materials for training.

Sayo Kyoritsu Hospital, with its corporate philosophy of "love, trust, and safety," aims to create a community that is more vibrant and healthy than any other hospital in Japan. In order to support local medical care and provide full services, we have introduced and are using learningBOX as a means of conducting a wide variety of training programs. We asked them about the actual use and usability of the system.

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Group training for staff with different work schedules was a challenge.

Please tell us about Sayo Kyoritsu Hospital. Can you also tell us about your doctor's responsibilities?

Sayo Kyoritsu Hospital is an acute care general hospital that serves as an infrastructure for the local community. Currently, as an institutional hospital in the community, it is involved in a wide range of health care services for local residents, including health checkups, physical examinations, home-visit medical care, nursing care, and long-term care facility services.

I perform administrative and other duties, but I also work in the wards and provide outpatient care as the physician in charge of the Department of General Medicine and Urology.

What challenges did you face before introducing learningBOX?

The number of trainings was high, and group training for staff with different work schedules was a challenge. In order to support local healthcare and provide full services, employees attend a variety of training programs. In addition to specialized training such as medical safety training, infectious disease control training, and NST training, a wide variety of training programs are provided, including hospital operation and management, training to share future plans, and general education training to be acquired as a member of society.

Due to the large number of staff and complicated work schedules, it was practically impossible for all staff to participate in the group training. Although follow-up measures were taken, such as lending out DVD recordings of lectures, there were some problems, such as not being able to accurately assess the level of understanding of the training. Therefore, we wanted to create an environment in which staff could learn flexibly on their own, regardless of time or place.

What is the background behind the introduction of learningBOX?

The ability to upload videos and to manage learning history and grades were deciding factors. I was introduced to learningBOX by an acquaintance and began using it. We decided to move to online training using learningBOX because of its ability to distribute lecture recordings on the Web as training materials, to save learning histories, and to manage grades.

Paper-based documents can also be converted to PDF for use

What changes have you seen since the introduction of the learningBOX?

Online training allows staff members to adjust their own schedules and study as needed, allowing them to control the balance between work and study with independence.

In addition, administrators can now provide detailed support by checking the level of understanding of the training using the test and report submission functions as well as the course history, enabling enhanced training results and smart centralized management of information. We also intend to further digitize existing materials and create our own curriculum in the future.

What difficulties did you encounter before actually implementing and operating learningBOX?

When we decided to actually convert the training to online, the first thing we were unsure of was how to prepare the training materials. Many of the previous training materials were paper-based, and at first we did not know how to make the best use of them.

Since learningBOX can post videos and PDFs, recordings of training sessions conducted in the past can be used, and paper-based materials can be converted to PDF for further utilization.

We were also concerned about how to implement a post-training confirmation test, but learningBOX has more than 10 different quiz/test formats and was easy to create, so we were able to deploy it right away. The ability to submit assignments in report format is also very good.

The power of IT to bring together staff with diverse work schedules into a single team

What are some of the aspects of learningBOX that make it easy to use?

I like that learningBOX is easy to use, even for people who are not highly IT literate. I like the intuitive UI, which is very easy to use.
Because the system is easy for everyone to use, its utilization is also expanding, such as the real-time sharing of information using learningBOX in response to the new coronavirus.

Can you tell us about your future plans and prospects for the use of the system?

In the future, we plan to conduct a survey about learningBOX within the tool, and based on the feedback from the staff, we will upgrade the content in the hospital to make it even more comprehensive. The ease of customization is also a big attraction.

By utilizing the learningBOX, our staff members have efficient and quality learning opportunities. Our goal is to return the learning gained from this experience to the local community in the form of quality medical services.

Do you have any advice for those who are considering implementing learningBOX?

We feel that learningBOX is the best tool to make our clinic a one-team operation with the power of IT. I believe that learningBOX is a system that is necessary in the medical field, as it will lead to further streamlining of operations.

Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed.
Thank you!

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