Pro Plan

Even if you use 100 accounts, learningBOX is starting from 33,000 yen ~ (incl. tax) per year.
e-Learning is now available at affordable prices beyond common expectations.

About Our Pricing

Our pricing composed of license fees + various option fees. Please refer to the following.
* You can use learningBOX only with the license fee.


You can start free of charge with no initial costs. Fees are implied in accordance with the increment of the user accounts.
Each license is different in server capacity and upload capacity for each study content.
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Add more options to achieve the desired LMS.

Option 1: Hosting / Design customization

For customer’s desired design

It can be used as a motivation for learners and as a study content sales site by making an original design. Contents and costs vary depending on the server plan.
About Hosting / Customization
Shared Server / Design Customization
Dedicated Server / Design customization

About dedicated server options

Option 2: Application Plan

Use of Apps

Learn more with our apps

If you use the app, you can start learning with one button on the app, even if the learner does not access the browser. Charges are vary depending on whether the use of customization. *At this time, we are not accepting applications for the exclusive original application plan.
About Our App
About App / No Customization
About App Plan / Customization

In addition to the above options, recommended options and customization are available.

Option 3: API Linkage

Enables linkage with your core systems

You can use the learningBOX API by using The Dedicated Server Plan. With API linkage, linkage with external systems such as core systems can be done, and learning effects and study content lists can be expressed on your website. In addition, the single sign-on function allows you to use an ID and password that have already been issued by another system, enables you to log in smoothly.
➡About API linkage

Option 4: Hide copyright

Enables you to hide copyright

Hides the learningBOX copyright displayed in the LMS footer. Branding can be further strengthened.

Option5:QuizGenerator License

To the original quiz/test screen

* Functions that can be used depending on the license agreement
・Voice Synthesis Function
・Design Customization Function
・Output characters changing feature inside the player
You can still use Quizgenerator without a license, but for commercial use, please consider purchasing the license.
About QuizGenerator License

EC Function Plan

EC function

Build an EC site for Learning Content

* This plan requires The Dedicated Server Plan.
You can sell your original content in your own domain. It supports various payment methods such as credit payment with Paypal, bank transfer, bill payment for corporations.
About EC Function
About EC Special License

EC special license fee and dedicated server fee will be charged.
(The fee structure is different from the Free Plan, Starter Plan, Standard Plan, those are charged based on the number of accounts.)

*For more information about the EC function, contact through the inquiry form or call (TEL: +(81) 791-72-8421).