How to use an e-learning system for free|What is the difference from a paid service?

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How to use an e-learning system for free|What is the difference from a paid service?

How to use an eLearning system for free
There are free and paid services to implement an e-learning system.
However, I think that there are many people who do not know what is the difference between free and paid.
In this article, we'll discuss how to use an e-learning system for free and the benefits of paid services.
Please use this information as a reference when comparing services that are suitable for your company.

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How to use the e-learning system for free

An e-learning system is a learning method that utilizes the Internet.
More and more people are using them in recent years because they allow you to study anywhere and at any time with a computer or smartphone.
And while e-learning systems may have limited requirements, there are ways to use them for free.
Let's take a look at some specific ways to take advantage of the free plan and what to look out for.


Take advantage of free plans

Some of the paid services of e-learning systems offer free plans.
However, in most cases, it is available as a trial plan with a limited number of users and content.
Incidentally, for cloud-based e-learning systems, some services offer no initial cost. Consider this carefully when introducing the system.

in-house development

If you develop and use your own e-learning system, you can use it for free.
We can develop a system that fits your company's needs, so you can learn more efficiently.
However, in order to develop in-house, you need personnel with the knowledge and skills to do so.
In addition, the hurdles are high because of the costs involved in building the system and the need to consider operations and maintenance.

Use of open source

Some e-learning systems are widely available as open source.
The system can be customized for your company while utilizing the base system.
However, there are security risks that need to be taken into account.

Benefits of using a paid e-learning system

Benefits of using paid e-learning
Let's look at the benefits of using a paid e-learning system.

No limit on the number of people

For free e-learning systems, there is a limit to the number of participants.
While the limit on the number of passengers varies by serviceUp to 10 peopleIn many cases, it can be said that this is set to
On the other hand, if you have a paid plan, there is no limit to the number of students, so even if you have a large number of students, you will be able to manage them smoothly.

No specialist knowledge required

If you want to build your own e-learning system, you need expertise.
However, if you use a paid service, you can easily create, distribute, and manage grades for learning materials without any specialized knowledge.
In addition, there are cases where we are entrusted with operations and maintenance.

Security measures are in place.

The security measures that are often inadequate with open source or in-house development can be solved with a paid e-learning system.
This is because fee-based services often have their own security measures in place within the system.

Wide range of teaching formats

Paid e-learning systems tend to have a large variety of materials that can be created.
You can choose from a wide range of material formats such as fill-in-the-blank questions, quizzes, tests and reports to suit your company.
Another advantage of the paid plan is the ability to distribute large-volume video materials.


While some e-learning systems are free, there are some benefits that only a paid e-learning service can offer.
When implementing an e-learning system, you need to choose one that is cost effective.
After considering both free and paid services, choose the one that best suits your company.

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